Political experts, netizens react negatively on Robredo radio show 'BISErbisyong LENI'
Atty. Paula Defensor-Knack on her Facebook page shared that Vice President Leni Robredo will host a radio show, to which netizens reacted negatively.

The VP who has had her ratings decreasing significantly and for which was deemed "skyfall" by the international law expert, is perceived to have went for the show in order to up her ratings.

"Anong pag-uusapan doon? Accomplishments nya o may ibang agenda?," she added.

Robredo will be co-anchoring a one hour live show called "BISErbisyong LENI" which will air every Sunday live on ROMN-DZXL Manila 558 Khz.

The show first aired on Sunday.

Netizens have reacted with disapproval on the fact, and some have left Defensor Knack's comment section with loathing for the VP.

"Tingnan lang natin kung may makikinig...nangarap ka pa uli..ewan ko sa u leni sobrang kapal ng mukha mo," said an Erma Vinzon.

A Daffodil Asud said, "Ano kaya ang theme ng program nya? Obviously ayaw nya humingi ng tulong sa administrasyon ni PDUTS, sa tingin ko gagamitin nyang platform ang program nya para makahingi ng tulong (financial at ano pa man," adding that people should take note of who is sponsoring the show.

One netizen even suggested she take the job full-time and resign from her post as VP.

"Ay naku ko,po Maam Paula,kung maghost lang sa isang Radio Program,dapat magsteady nlng sya,dyan at saka magresign sa PagkaVice nya kasi tawag dyan if wla nmang,ginagawa,INUTIL.kakakahiya itong babae na ito,pinapasahod tapos,wlang trabaho," said a Sweetychars Lozada.

After the airing on Sunday, political analyst Antonio Contreras criticized how Robredo called malnutrition in the Philippines as something that is "nakakamangha" and "katangi-tangi", which both connote a positive meaning.

He said he almost fell from his chair after the VP described malnutrition as "amazing" and "uniquely distinguishing".

 "But what is really "nakamamangha" and "katangi-tangi" is when the woman finally realized that what causes malnutrition is poverty, as if it is a mind-blowing discovery," he said.

Massive amounts of criticism hit the VP after President Rodrigo Duterte removed her from his Cabinet.

Since then Robredo has been vocally opposing Duterte particularly on his war against drugs. Her video message to the United Nations which spoke of a need for the Philippines to be rid of extrajudicial killings with implications that Duterte is the perpetrator, earned her an impeachment complaint.

Contreras is among the people who filed the complaint against Robredo on the grounds of betrayal of public trust.

Source/s: Paula Defensor KnackAntonio Contreras

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Political experts, netizens react negatively on Robredo radio show 'BISErbisyong LENI' Political experts, netizens react negatively on Robredo radio show 'BISErbisyong LENI' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 14 May Rating: 5

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