Mocha Uson defends Gina Lopez over 'trojan' issue: She's no 'dilawan'
Movie and Television Review and Classification Board member Mocha Uson in her Facebook page, said that Gina Lopez might have been dismissed of her post as Environment Secretary, yet she is no Liberal Party supporter or "dilawan".

Rumors of Lopez supporting the Liberal Party has circulated following the recent rejection of the Commission on Appointments of her appointment in the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

This was after LP senators have turned to her favor.

Just recently news of Lopez having supported an Eric Guttierez, alleged funder of the Mar Roxas Campaign and leader of illegal mining operations in Agusan have also circulated.

"Sa mga nagsasabi na DILAWAN si Madam Gina hindi po ako naniniwala. She MIGHT not be qualified according to CA pero I'm sure na hindi siya dilawan o trojan na tulad ng sinasabi ng iba," Uson said.

"Maaaring may dahilan lang ang CA not to confirm her and I respect their knowledge and authority," she added.

Netizens have also shared their opinions on the matter.

Babet Lustre commented on Uson's post saying that it was suspicious that Lopez allegedly some mining firms continue their operations despite violations.

"At ito ang isa sa mga financier ni mar roxas nung election? What if gina is an experiment by the yellows, to get the heart of the masses kase wala na naniniwala sa kanila? To think na pinatatakbo pa sya sa senado. Mukhang wagi na naman ang yellow. Mejo skeptic ako pagdating sa mga personalities na konekted sa yellow. Magaling kase sila mang uto," she said.

Another netizen, Kevin Philip stressed that Lopez is "still a Lopez".

" The PRES DU30 wants a balance government kumuha sya ng NPA,member ng yellow, at Iba pa para umupo sa government. Ms Gina Lopez i think is a family member of Lopez who owned ABS CBN." he said.

The President has expressed his dismay at the rejection of the CA, yet he stated that not everything is under his control.

Source: Mocha Uson Blog

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