UST Alumnus: Junking of Duterte impeachment is a tactic of LP?
An alumnus of the University of Santo Tomas shared on his Facebook page that he was somehow skeptical of the House of Representatives' scrapping of the impeachment case filed by Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano against President Rodrigo Duterte as this may have been the plan of the opposition.

Once the government refuses to investigate, the case can be brought to the International Criminal Court.

Mark Lopez said that this may have been the plan of the Liberal Party.

"Because they now can go to the ICC that and declare that "our remaining institutional remedy is no longer available. We have no choice now but to elevate it already to you to handle our complaint," he said.

"The dismissal, and its consequent one year moratorium (meaning they cannot file another impeach complaint for one year), is now their reason to ask the ICC to fast track the processing of the crime against humanity charge against the president," he added.

After the House Committee on Justice trashed his impeachment case, Alejano is thinking about passing the complaint to the International Criminal Court.

Alejano made this remark after the committee dismissed his suit after finding that it was lacking in substance and evidenciary support.

He stated that he would first discuss the next step with his Madalo allies, one of which is Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

Alejano said he will give justice to the alleged crimes of Duterte since he sat as President.

He also accused the House of being "no longer independent" for failing to prosecute Duterte.

Should this be passed to the ICC, it would be the second complaint against the President, the first being the one filed by Edgar Matobato lawyer, Jude Sabio.

“The ICC can proceed [with the first ‘complaint’], but with what happened right now, pinag-iisipan ko ho—i-discuss ko sa grupo—na sasama na ho kaming mag-reklamo sa ICC,” Alejano said.

“Kasi saan ho tayo pupunta? Kanino ka mag-reklamo? Sa DOJ (Department of Justice)? Kay (DOJ) Sec. (Vitaliano) Aguirre? Saan tayo pupunta? Wala ho tayong pupuntahan,” he added.

Lopez added that the tactic is a one step backward, two steps forward plan of attack.

Source: Mark Lopez

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