Int'l political analyst quips at LP's Magnificent 7: Calling them '7 Clowns' is more fitting
A political analyst and a commentator made a witty remark at the Liberal Party lawmakers who call themselves as the 'Magnificent 7'.

Just this Monday, the members of this group visited the detained Senator Leila de Lima.

For more than an hour, these members of the House of Representatives independent minority discussed with De Lima various current issues, including President Rodrigo Duterte’s stand on China’s war threat and rejection of European Union grants.

Amir Assadollahi, who claims to be a political scientist and a lecturer based in Canada, wrote a witticism about the 'yellow' group calling them a 'Seven Stooges' and 'Seven Clowns'.

Assadollahi said that the term 'Magnificent 7' is not appropriate as such is an insult to both of the tittles and themes of the movies "Magnificent 7' and 'Seven Samurai'.

Read below full post of Amir Assadollahi:

A Two Cent Thought - "Madam De Lima and the Seven Stooges" maybe the "Seven Clowns"

Finally, you gave her the honorary tittle I had given her, the "Madam", as of the "Madam" boss of all criminal gangsters, and you did not get it and now you use it. LOL ... I was criticized for calling her "Madam", but it looks like CNN Philippines has picked up on using the her honorary tittle I had given her.

"Magnificent Seven!?" Really?! Now that is out of comic book scrips (okay first it was the "Seven Samurai" and then the Hollywood copied the concept and made a Western movie about it and called it the "Magnificent Seven" on the same theme, however calling those "Seven Clowns" Senators as "Magnificent Sevens" is an insult to both of the movie tittles and their themes. Calling them "Clowns" is more fitting, because since late 2016 we have heard about "clown terror attacks", right? Don't take my words for it, google it and it is not only in USA either.

Anyway, those "Seven Clowns" have been terrorizing the Philippines for a long time, and they deserve the honorary tittle of clowns for them. They don't get what needs to be done to help the Philippines and Filipinos, nor they "understand anything about anything" from foriegn policy to construction, perhaps calling them the "The Seven Stooges" is more appropriate, because to be a clown you actually need to have talents and could become politically in correct by sounding as an insult to the clowning profession.

You can't make people look big by giving them movie tittles that they don't deserve. Those Senators have been constantly using "microphone politics" (starting with Senator Trillanes as "the Mic Killer") and want to be on TV screen just to harm the reform policies and the progress the Philippines is making and to protect their "own-personal-self-interests" (as: "me, myself and I" egocentric notion they have), and jumping from one hot pot into another and leaving a mess behind them just like the "Stooges" do! Check out the meaning of "Stooges" in dictionary, and you would notice that that is the best tittle to be given to them "the Seven Stooges" and not the "Magnificent Seven". My purpose is not to insult them, because there is no need to do that, their behavior and actions reflects that plain and simple, and the news painting them as otherwise is an insult to intelligence of the Filipinos and the foriegn observers who truly know what is going on in the Philippines.

If the foriegn observer and all Filipinos sit down and listen and observe the policies of the Philippine government and President Duterte and aim to understand it with full objectivity, then they will truly understand that the noise Madam De Lima, VP Leni, Ombudswoman, Trillanes and the rest of their corrupt and criminal political and business oligarch friends and their puppet corporate news agencies and Social Media Trolls are saying and doing is all aimed toward one intention, and that is to destabilize Philippines and the region and reduce the safety and security, increase lawlessness, crime and corruption, and turn people into sheep that would continue to follow them blindly ready to be sent to the slaughterhouse to chopped in pieces for the amusement of their previous colonial masters and the corrupt and criminal "jail-keepers" (meaning: "those oligarchs politicians and businesses and media machines").

Source/s: Rappler, GMA News, Amir Assadollahi

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Int'l political analyst quips at LP's Magnificent 7: Calling them '7 Clowns' is more fitting Int'l political analyst quips at LP's Magnificent 7: Calling them '7 Clowns' is more fitting Reviewed by Kristian S. on 22 May Rating: 5

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