How foreigners react to Duterte’s strategy in the Marawi crisis? You must read this!
Various foreigners all over the world have now been commenting and taking sides on post made by Milo Yiannopoulos, a British media personality, about Duterte’s strategy in combating the Maute siege in Marawi City, Philippines.

“Anyone caught possessing a gun and confronting us with violence, my orders are shoot to kill. I will not hesitate to do it.” This is what Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte said a day after he declared martial law in Mindanao on Tuesday, May 23, due to the Maute siege in Marawi City. “If I think that you should die, you will die. If you fight us, you will die. If there is an open defiance, you will die,” Duterte said. He also added that the police will no longer need a warrant to arrest those suspected of being part of the said terrorist group.

These remarks caught the attention of foreigners all over the world and garnered various reactions and opinions from them.

“Good for him! Protecting the PEOPLE of HIS country from terrorists without regard for the terrorists lives is needed! The terrorists do not value the life of anyone so why should ANYONE care about the lives of terrorists!!!” said Facebook user, Amy Page.

“This is the only effective response to a radical Islamic enclave. It takes a great and fearless leader to do the only thing that would eradicate this type of cancer. This necessary type of action would not be tolerated or feasible throughout the affected countries of Europe--certainly not in the USA! There are certain countries that certainly would never tolerate radical Islam, like Russia, China, N Korea. Sadly this cancer looks like our certain fate because of the accumulative power of misguided American liberals,” said John Bialoglow.

“Wow...a state leader that actually does what he can to secure the peoples safety and freedom. Dunno what's more crazy; that this impressed me or that it has come this far, that I'm impressed by a state leader doing his job,” stated one reader.

"People may call this guy wacko , nutcase , evil , corrupt , mad man ...and some of it might have some truth to it ...but !!!... I call him a man ... A man who understand the wind of change in the world, a man who will not let the cult of evil to continue in their global massacre wearing a politically correct cape saying "religion of peace". There is nothing peaceful about Islam. As much as you try to twist and turn it simply follow the path of their " prophet " and see the trail of blood !!! I salute him for having balls bigger than 99% of the leaders in the world . And I wish him good luck eradicate these savages from the face of this earth !!," said Gadi Avigzer.

Another foreign netizen Zach Richmond commented "Take `em down Phillipines! Maybe the rest of the world will be inspired by your actions."

Here are some of the notable comments from foreign netizens:

Although most of the reactions from these foreign nationals were supportive of Duterte’s actions, there were some who were disapproving.

“He needs to allow a trials for his own people though...he's slaughtering his own people for having and doing and selling drugs with no trial or anything,” commented Kelly Caldwell on the Facebook link of the same post.

“I think people in the UK are starting to wonder if this wasn't planned by their government.” commented one reader in Yiannopoulos’ website.

“I call BS. I was in charge of anti-terrorism in that region with the U.S. Navy helping the Philippines...we stopped doing it because the Philippines would act on information. They are VERY corrupt,” said Facebook user, Steve McCubbin.

It is no question that the actions of President Rody Duterte have indeed garnered international attention due to the diverse opinions and stand of these different nationals regarding his strategy in the Marawi crisis.

The Marawi City crisis started last Tuesday, May 23 when the Maute Group, a terrorist group, sieged the said city. Forcing Dutete to declare Martial law on the whole island of Mindanao for 60 days.

Source/s: Milo Yiannopoulos Official SiteMilo Yiannopoulos Official Facebook

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How foreigners reacted to Duterte’s strategy in the Marawi crisis? You must read this! How foreigners reacted to Duterte’s strategy in the Marawi crisis? You must read this! Reviewed by Kristian S. on 27 May Rating: 5

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