FVR sends open letter to Filipinos, 'No president can single-handedly bring progess, do your share'
Former President Fidel Ramos on a column for the Manila Bulletin on Saturday gave an open letter to the Filipino people, emphasizing on the importance of each Filipino's contribution for the betterment of the state.

The former president said that a national leader's job is to show the people how a nation should be defined.

"He leads by setting the right examples that the rest of the citizenry should emulate.  He leads by making bold and correct decisions for the betterment of many, not the enrichment of the few.  More than this, he must ensure that the people get inspired by that vision so they will contribute their efforts to attain that common dream," he said.

Ramos stated that he has achieved success in his fifty-one years in service, and that these were not by his doing alone, but with the help of co-workers and private sectors.

He said that with unity of purpose and solidarity in values, along with teamwork, the Philippines will become a strong competitor as a nation and will be able to achieve eqaulity.

"The piece of brick which a mason, laborer, farmer, fisherman, soldier, housewife, businessman, or professional contributes to the task of nation-building counts substantially in strengthening the pillars of an economically strong and safer nation to live in," he said.

He asserted that at the end of the day, the measure of progress is the eradication of poverty.

"There is real progress when only the lazy or the totally disabled are jobless.  Progress is enjoyed when every citizen feels safe in his home, in his workplace and on the streets,"

Ramos stated that the real building blocks of the nation is the collective effort of the people.

"Public servants must think of their duties not mere jobs they need to perform everyday, nor opportunities to claim privileges for themselves. Rather, they must always think of public service as an expression of their unconditional love for country and fellowmen,"

In the column, Ramos attaced a prayer for the Philippines.

He concluded with a statement about environment and resource protection.

"With time fast running out, earth’s population multiplying, Mother Planet’s dwindling resources, and most important our global habitat warming up almost irreversibly because of man’s lack of caring, sharing and daring for each other and the environment – all peoples, regardless of nationality, must now connect, cooperate and commune together more closely – particularly those of ASEAN and the Philippines,"

Ramos was once envoy of the Philippines to China for talks on the dealings with the West Philippine Sea.

He also declared his resignation from service to President Rodrigo Duterte whom he urged to run in the May 2016 elections.

SOURCE: Manila Bulletin

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FVR sends open letter to Filipinos, 'No president can single-handedly bring progess, do your share' FVR sends open letter to Filipinos, 'No president can single-handedly bring progess, do your share' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 02 May Rating: 5

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