Filipino mother shares true story of drug addicted daughter to Callamard
A Filipino mother moved to share her story about the trials that she went through with her daughter who was into drugs, and addressed it to United Nations Special rapporteur on summary killings Agnes Callamard, along with the United Nations, the Commission on Human Rights and the Human Rights Watch.

The letter was from Carmelita Mangubat and was posted on a Facebook page, " I am Pinoy, Proud Ako".

According to Mangubat, her daughter was addicted to illegal drugs in 2000 and she started to become aggressive and out of control.

Because of her daughter's worsening condition, Mangubat decided that she needed to be put in a rehabilitation center. However, despite limited resources, another problem was that it was difficult to convince a judge to approve of a petition.

"Because of her rights protected by the law, even her own mother cannot help her without the court's approval," she said.

After some time, Mangubat was able to strike her luck and her daughter was brought into a rehab facility where she was called a "patient" and was put under the care of a psychiatrist.

She said her daughter's conditn deprived her of days from work and affected her financial status and her peace of mind as she had to guard her daughter constantly to make sure she didn't steal their belongings, which was a frequent habit of hers.

She said her daughter was a menace to their family and to society.

"BUT glory to God I did not give up tho was hindered by the law who protected her but deprived me to restore her to her real self because she lost control of her mind."

The mother said that her daughter was able to fix her life after six months in rehab and is now working as an Overseas Filipino Worker in Saudi Arabia.

This letter was posted after much attention has been gathered by Callamard for being seen in the country at an event by the Commission on Human Rights last week despite her controverssial relationship with the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

The UN rapporteur is a known critic of the president's war against drugs and has been given conditions by the Duterte admin should she want to step foot in the  country and conduct an investigation. The Palace later on expressed its dismay at the undeclared visitation.

Callamard meanwhile, claims that her visit was not for an investigation but for academic purposes.

The UN, HRW and CHR have all actively opposed the methods of the Philippine president as well.

SOURCE: I am Pinoy, Proud Ako

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