Exodus from Marawi: The story of 'Bayanihan' in Marawi City
Marawi City was compared with a ghost town since the attack of the Maute Group which was an alleged ISIS associate started last Tuesday. The residents whose house was damaged by the bullets and bombs, the establishments burnt and devastated, and no food available for them to eat.

The government has been addressing the rebellion in Marawi and the President declared martial law to immediately arrest the members of the infamous Maute Group.  The Armed Forces executed operations to neutralize the group and to stop the insurgencies occurring in Marawi.

However, the residents fled to neighboring town and provinces to avoid the crossfire between the government troops.

In this situation where hope and faith are tested, heroic acts and unselfishness radiates from the empathetic civilians.

In this pictures, Iliganons had their own way to help our brothers and sisters from Marawi City.

Free food, water and a bucket of kindheartedness was given to them.

Even the kids helped the distressed civilians by waiting for the refugees down the road with signage offering “Free Food.”

Where the poor and the victims were able to help their fellow, their chivalry and dignified principles enlightens the darkest and hardest part of their lives.

My dear principled and dignified citizens of the Philippines, what are you going to do to help them?

Source: The Asian Policy

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Exodus from Marawi: The story of 'Bayanihan' in Marawi City Exodus from Marawi: The story of 'Bayanihan' in Marawi City Reviewed by Kristian S. on 29 May Rating: 5

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