Int'l educator slams a 'yellowtard' prof who called Duterte a 'maniacal murderer in Malacañang'
After DLSU Professor Lisandro Claudio had a column published in Rappler which he called President Rody Duterte a 'maniacal murderer in Malacañang' and revealed he was once a critic of the administration of former President Benigno III but converted to a Liberal Party supporter or a "yellowtard", a netizen criticized Prof. Claudio and brought into light the controversial events during Aquino's time.

Hedda Joy Gonzales Tady, an educator in an international school in Thailand in her Facebook page posted an open letter in which she argued why the previous administration, especially its leaders Mar Roxas and Noynoy Aquino were "inept and vicious".

She named events which the educator left out of his arguments.

These are the killing of the SAF 44 in Mamasapano,  the corruption from the government during the strike of Typhoon Haiyan, where she said how the government reacted "appalled the whole world."

Funds donated foor the victims by various organizations went missing then, and Department of Social Welfare and Development employees were faced with allegations of theft from the goods donated.

'You must have missed the memo, professor? You might have been busy in all your studies to have paid attention to how SHAMEFUL were the acts of many of those who were under the DSWD banner were? I think you have a lot of reading to do, professor. Take some time off your books, professor and LIVE outside on our streets," she said.

The netizen said that after the typhoon struck, she was tasked to go back to the country and hand out donations from various people from Beijing and she was instructed to give the money directly to its recepients and not to government officials.

She added that the people in Thailand are supportive of Duterte.

"So professor, before you declare yourself as "in the know" about how Duterte is seen outside, perhaps you first need to ask those of us who actually live out here, before you go publishing anything in Rappler! You will appear more learned if you did what I suggested," she said.
Tady said the "yellow story is long dead".

"The yellow story was killed by its own leaders, not because they are slow or just "fumbling" at their attempts to govern and lead the country. They killed it because they are downright INEPT and VICIOUS. And they have no sense of remorse," Tady said.

"Professor, my unsolicited advice : stop studying. And really LIVE in your own county. Only then, will you truly understand and appreciate, what it means to be poor. Because your PhD, won't save the more than 20% of our people who live below the poverty line. And your yellow leaders don't care about them one iota," she added.

Claudio claimed in his article that he studied the case of Hacienda Luisita and despised the Aquinos for the abandoning of their workers, but it was nothing next to the eight thousand dead in Duterte's drug war.

He said that despite controversies, the Philippine institutions were actually improved by Aquino.

Source: Hedda Joy Gonzales Tady

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Int'l educator slams a 'yellowtard' prof who called Duterte a 'maniacal murderer in Malacañang' Int'l educator slams a 'yellowtard' prof who called Duterte a 'maniacal murderer in Malacañang' Reviewed by Unknown on 22 May Rating: 5

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