DSWD Asec gives advice to Leni: Work hard and humbly like Duterte, if you want ratings like his
Department of Social Welfare and Development Assistant Secretary Lorraine Badoy gave a  message to Vice President Leni Robredo: "You want ratings just like the President’s? You gotta do as the President does."

Badoy mentioned that Robredo's ratings have dive-bombed and to make it worse for her, President Rodrigo Duterte, whom she has opposed, is getting overwhelmingly high ratings.

Badoy, a medical doctor, said that Robredo should work herself "like a man possessed, day in, day out" like Duterte.

"No meeting your staff for the first time on Day 45 – like what you did when you were HUDCC head. Say goodbye to all that monumental laziness. Say goodbye to one excuse after another for why it can't be done and say hello to ways and means the job gets done. That is the Digong Duterte way, you see," she said.

"And you would have to do all these with no thought of applause or who gets the credit or magazine covers or radio programs.
You would have to love the poor to the point where you would breach protocol and security lines and international lines to be with them, to rescue them, to hear them out," she added.

Badoy said Robredo should start the real work and quit taking photo ops, which make her an obvious phoney.

Badoy said Leni should work well with Cabinet Secretaries, goood people like Agrarian Secretary Rafael Mariano and Social Welfare Secretary Judy Taguiwalo whose "every waking hour is the poor".

"You would need to HATE corruption to the extent that everyone who works for you cowers at the mere thought of stealing from public coffers because they would have to answer to you and they will know hell once you catch them," she said.

Badoy also suggested that Robredo rid herself of her lavish llifestyle, stop visiting foreign countries and using designer brands.

She also suggested that the VP listen to popular opinion even if she believes that her contradicting ideas are right.

Badoy asked Robredo is she can put country before her Liberal Party, or if she could stand "burning in hell" to make the Filipino live in paradise, as Duterte has said.

She also asked if Robredo can love the country has much as Duterte,enough to rid herself of people like Leila de Lima, Antonio Trillanes, the catholic church, Agnes Callamard, Edgar Matobato, Time Magazine, CNN, NY Tiimes, Commission on Human Rights, International Criminal Court.

She said if Robredo can't she should just "sit this one out".

"And join the ENTIRE Filipino nation (save the haters of course) who have been down on their knees since taking a good look at the scary alternative (Uhm. YOU.) feverishly and fervently praying that our President's good health holds up till his term ends. Yon lang naman, Leni. Simpleng simple," she said.

Source: Lorraine Badoy

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DSWD Asec gives advice to Leni: Work hard and humbly like Duterte, if you want ratings like his DSWD Asec gives advice to Leni: Work hard and humbly like Duterte, if you want ratings like his Reviewed by Kristian S. on 16 May Rating: 5

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