Constitutional law expert lectures Bam Aquino about PH decision not to receive aid from EU
Prominent lawyer and constitutional law expert Bruce Rivera on his Facebook account wrote an open letter addressed to Senator Bam Aquino.

Atty. Rivera lambasted the senator for his comment about the refusal of PH to receive aid from the European Union.

Aquino said the administration's refusal to receive aid seems like a contradictory move to its proposal to raise taxes.

Here's the response of Atty. Bruce Rivera to Senator Bam Aquino:

Dear Bam,

Bambambambambam....nakatulog lang ako na may make-up sa mukha, nagwala ka na naman.

First of all, is this what we are paying you for? This is not thinking outside the box legislation like many of your fans will suggest. This is the mendicancy culture the oligarchs want Filipino to adhere to in order to subjugate them further.

Organized religion taught us na "bahala na ang Diyos", "maawain ang Diyos" and that we are all sinners. So, we have this culture of begging for forgiveness. And yes, it is an exercise of humility to some extend. However when there is too much humility and no self-respect, we reach a point of mendicancy. A point where it is okey to beg, just because we can.

Bam, when foreigners give us aid, it is not friendship they are after. When you give to a beggar, are you after friendship? No. You give to a beggar in the street because you want him to leave you alone. Yes, there are so many reasons for giving but not all pertain to altruism. But let us not go into the motive of the giver. Most importantly, we should look into the motive of the receiver.

Are we that desperate for money to the point that we will just swallow our pride just to get it? Many countries give us aid and we receive it. But if they will give subject to a condition that it goes to the very core of our independence and sovereignty, that is not giving. That is screwing. And we are not prostitutes. Or are we?

When we raise taxes, does it mean we are not self-sufficient? Sa Tagalog, kung tayo ba ay nagtaas ng buwis, ang ibig ba sabihin nito ay dahil namumulubi na tayo?

We raise taxes for many reasons. Taxes are our lifeblood. We need taxes to survive as a state. Bam, taxes are different from aid. We will survive without aid. And if your concept of unburdening the Filipinio is receiving aid so that we will no longer pay higher taxes, then think again. If you want to pimp us, at least tell us we will be screwed. That is the minimum courtesy we at least deserve. See, this is what happens when we elect pimps like you.

There is such a thing a DIGNITY. It is something even a poor man will understand. Nobody wants to beg. The EU can help but if helping meant we should abdicate our dignity, then we have every right to say no even if we are poor. Bigyan mo ang mahirap ng hamonada, kakainin niya at magpapasalamat. Pero kung duduraan mo ang hamonada bago mo ibigay at nakita naming dinuraan mo...puta, kakainin ko pa ba? Hwag na oy, mag-gagalunggong na lang ako. Pagkain din un. Malinis pa.

Bam, we raise taxes because we can. We are an independent state with taxation as an inherent power. We have citizens who can pay them albeit the initial resistance. And we have legislators like you who should enact tax laws that make sure the oligarchs who should pay more taxes get to pay it. PRD's job is to make sure they actually pay it. Yes, the President has the flexible tariff clause but that power is limited. Taxation is a legislative power. Ball is in your court. Enact laws to lower the price of goods.

However, the right to determine if we have dignity or not by receiving aid is not something we gave you. PRD has the mandate to do that. He decides Filipino dignity for the next six years. Sad for you, he decided EU not screw us in the ass this time. Sad for you.

Thank God, we gave PRD that power.

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