Columbia University alumnus: 'Mocha is bright and articulate, unlike most PH journos'
Jose Alejandrino, a graduate of Columbia University in New York defended President Rodrigo Duterte's recent appointment of Margaux "Mocha" Uson as Assistant Secretary of the Presidential Communications and Operations Office.

Uson is a former sexy star and entertainer who got a post as Movie and Television Review and Classification Board member, and now Asec of the PCOO after she campaigned for Duterte in the last elections.

The President said he "owed" it to Uson, who campaigned for him through social media during the times when he didn't have funds for mainstream media productions.

Alejandrino also came to the defense of Uson who has been heavily criticized by the public for her lack of qualifications for the post, and said that what matters despite her lack of credentials is that she "communicates well".

Uson was assigned Asec for social media.

"I don't care about her past. As far as I know, she hasn't committed a crime. So why all the fuss about appointing her Asec in the Palace communications office? As long as she can do the job - and she has already proven both in the formal and social media she communicates well - her detractors have no ground to object," he said.

Uson has a following of over four million in her Facebook page, " The Mocha Uson Blog".

Alejandrino said that Uson struck him as a "bright and articulate woman"

He suggested that the people get rid of their prejudice. He said that communication is not a monopoly of journalism degree holders, naming himself as an example of the argument, saying he fared well in writing despite an absence of a title.

" I didn't have any experience with the press. I learned to write by myself. I learned to develop my own style. I taught myself how to communicate. I ended up writing dozens of articles in the Manila Chronicle and in the foreign press, as well as several books, two of which were published in the United States. I ended up managing a major newspaper for the Philippine media magnate Geny Lopez," he claimed.

He insisted that Uson should be given a chance.

"If I could do it, why not Mocha? Why not anybody else? Give the girl a break. She is pretty, she can dance, she can pose, but more important, she knows how to use her brain. And that is more than what I can say for a lot of journalists in this country."

Source: Jose Alejandrino

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Columbia University alumnus: 'Mocha is bright and articulate, better than most PH journos' Columbia University alumnus: 'Mocha is bright and articulate, better than most PH journos' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 13 May Rating: 5

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