CHR Chairperson Chito Gascon may be a CIA agent? This is shocking!

A Facebook page posted on Saturday that Commission on Human Rights Chairperson Luis Martin "Chito" Gascon may be a part of the United States Central Intelligence Agency.

The page "Leni Robredo's Fashion Diary" noted that the background of the CHR Chair is suspicious.

It stated that there a lot of CIA agents in the country who go undercover and take high governments positions not to spy, but to get control of the system of the country.

"Hindi ba kayo nagtataka kung saan galing si Chito Gascon? Alam niyo bang may mga CIA agents na naka "blend in" sa society natin? Minsan kunwari businessmen, treasure hunters, NGO heads or Philanthropists, professors, journalists... Ginagawa yan hindi naman para mag spy lang. At hindi rin naman lahat e mala James Bond. Yung iba, normal lang pero matatalino. Nilagay sila para siguraduhin nilang kontrolado nila ang mga mahahalagang sector sa ating lipunan - Human Rights, Media, Policy making ng gobyerno, etc," the post read.

The blog added that despite articles written about the man, for example the article written by Yvonne Chua of the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, facts about him are still lacking.

One of which is his roots, where he came from or who his parents are.

The blog asked PCIJ to further investigate on the man, and they will see that he is "CIA created and funded".

The post further introduced questions about Gascon.

"Panahon daw ng EDSA Revolution, Head siya ng Student Council sa UP. Panahon na malakas ang NPA, mananalo ang itsurang Foreigner as Student Council head? Sino mga ka batch niya? Saan siya nag aral before UP?" the post read.

"Bakit ang mga naunang trabaho niya e sa mga institutions na known CIA-created: NED and National Institute for Policy Studies (NIPS)??? Bakit ang bilis niya naka penetrate?" it added.

Despite the questions, there was no explanation given by the post.

Gascon is a lawyer, civil organizer and human rights activist who was elected into his position in the CHR in 2015 by former President Benigno Aquino III.

He was recently put into the spotlight as United Nations Special Rapporteur on summary executions Agnes Callamard came into the country without announcing it to the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte for a CHR event.

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