In the Philippines women sexually abuse their children for money on webcams. Stacey observes a sting operation where the women exchange their children for money to someone they believe is a paedophile but is actually an undercover Homeland agent
A documentary from BBC revealed the conditions of child prostitution in the Philippines, showing women selling their own children and relatives to foreign men.

In the show Stacey Dooley investigates, it can be seen that children as young as two were forced to perform sex acts for audiences via webcams.

According to the United Nations and the FBI in 2015 , there are up to 750,000 pedophiles looking for cybersex with children.

Filipino children are the most demanded, according to Lennie King who  works for an organization that tracks these activities. 

"'We created accounts using African and European children but as soon as we tried a Filipino child, we were swamped with predators from all over the world. They wanted her to remove her bra, play with herself, sometimes have sex with her siblings, things like that, it went very far," she said.

A video clip from the documentary showed how the foreign journalists assigned a man to pretend to be interested in paying for sex with a child.

It was shown in the video that two women who were sisters, were agreeing to let the man have sex with multiple of the children they're with.

Thirteen children were rescued from the sisters, ten were directly related to them and the youngest was a two-month-old infant.

Watch video below:


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