Tatad: Duterte needs to revamp his cabinet
Duterte needs to strengthen his cabinet, according to journalist and former politician Francisco Tatad.

In his column for the Manila Times, Tatad said that the influx of  money from foreign  investments not  only make the country's external debt great, but also enlarges the risk of internal conflict.

Tatad called Duterte's cabinet as "lightweight" as it only welcomed lawyers from San Beda and people from Miindanao.

It is a mistake, he said, as the talents of the country are not limited to these people.

Tatad criticized Memorandum Circular No. 16, requiring the various executive departments under the control of the President to first seek his permission and consent before negotiating and signing any agreement or treaty with any foreign government.

He also noted the attempt ar resignation by cabinet secretary Jun Evasco which he said "provided a window for a cabinet overhaul,"

" He (Duterte) cannot afford to let go of Evasco, who is his most trusted in the Cabinet. But he could redefine his powers and functions, so that he could avoid overlaps in the organization," he said.

Tatad said that it is as if the country is running on auto-pilot, and that there is no sign that it is being governed and governed well.

"Aside from the disturbing cracks in DU30’s inner circle, nothing indicates that domestic and foreign policy directions and initiatives have been clearly set, to the extent that all members of his Cabinet have the same understanding of these," he said.

" Everyone takes the President’s unscripted pronouncements as policy, but none of these are backed up by any kind of prior or subsequent study, nor accompanied by implementing rules," he added.

SOURCE: Manila Times

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