Prominent doctor: 'Maria Ressa is raping our minds'
Doctor Ethel Pineda from the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center (UERMMMC) in a Facebook post claimed that Rappler CEO and founder Maria Ressa is insulting the intelligence of people and is "raping our minds".

This was after Ressa shared in an interview in Vancouver in Canada that she receives death and rape threats at a rate of 90 per hour.

"An average of 90 hate messages an hour. That's what I dealt with for a month," Ressa said in an article of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Ressa said these are fans of President Rodrigo Duterte who found  Rappler articles as leaning against him.

Pineda said that she is accusing Ressa of the crime of hyperbole abuse.

She said that rape is a serious matter that must not be casually thrown about nor be made a joke.

"Rape is a violation of one person's dignity. It is the use of sexual force to subjugate, to humiliate. It is not the outcome of  physical attraction nor desire but of hatred. Maria Ressa may be unattractive to most, but that does not exempt her from rape," she said.

"Though, she lies.  Blatantly  She insults our intelligence. She violates our sensibilities.  She rapes our minds," she added.

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Read full post below of Dr. Ethel Pineda:

SOURCE: Ethel PinedaCanadian Broadcasting Corporation

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