Atty Glenn Chong posted in hhis Facebook account that former Senator Bongbog Marcos who filed an electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo for allegedly cheating in the  May 2016 Vice Presidential elections where they both ran, is about to be given the recount he requested.

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According to Chong, the lawyers of Marcos have received a notice from the Presidential Electoral Tribunal where he is asked to give a cash deposit which will be spent for the collection of ballot boxes and election documents and for the payment of the people who will perform the manual recount.

Both Marcos and Robredo will be paying the deposit with Marcos required to give 66.223 million and Robredo to give 15.639 million pesos.

Chong said there were two issues regarding the notice.

First is that it was dated March 21 but was only received by the lawyers on April 10, as the deadline of payment is April 14.

He also said that the computation of expenses is based on a large sum.

Small precints  were converted into clustered precints. Marcos thus asked for a recount on the 36,465 clustered precincts which is made up of 132,446 established precincts. If so, Marcos would only need to pay 18.232  for the clustered precints, but since the established precints is the basis, he would have to pay the 66.223 million.

"Ito ang buod ng dissenting opinion (opinyon kontra sa mayoriya) ni Justice Presbitero Velasco, Jr. sa Resolution ng PET. Ayon sa kanya, hindi makatarungan na ibabase ang cash deposit sa established precincts kasi isang ballot box at isang set ng election documents/paraphernalia lang naman ang nasa bawat clustered precinct. Hindi na ito pahirap sa mga tauhan ng PET,"

Chong said that in other precints, clustered precints are the basis.

"Dahil sa dalawang isyu na ito, nagmumukhang pinapahirapan si BBM," he said.

SOURCE: Glenn Chong

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