Atty Trixie Cruz-Angeles, a lawyer from the University of the Philippines said through her Facebook account that the status quo in the country is that it is in the age of President Rodrigo Duterte and people could either adapt or die.

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Cruz-Angeles, a known Duterte supporter said that those who are still hankering for a time gone by whould be aware that they are  now in a new world.

"Trying to bring it back to the savagery of your caste system and you will understand what it means to tap into the collective anger," she said.

"Adapt. This is the age of Duterte," she added.

The lawyer is among the group led by Department of Interior and Local Government Assistant Secretary Epiaco Densing which recently filed an impeachment case aagainst Vice President Leni Robredo on the grounds of betrayal of public trust.

This after Robredo released a video message to the United Nations criticizing the war on drugs of Duterte.

Cruz-Angeles has also vocally opposed the Liberal Party and its members through her social media posts.

SOURCE: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles

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