Int'l relations expert calls Leni 'stupid and arrogant' for suggestion to decriminalize drugs
Social media activist and expert of international relations Sass Rogando Sasot lambasted Vice President Leni Robredo's suggestion to decriminalize drugs in the Philippines, like Portugal as violence is proven to fail in stopping drugs like in Mexico and Colombia.

Sasot called the VP "stupid and ignorant".

"First of all, in the Philippines, there's no policy of killing addicts. Saan mo na naman nakuha yan? The policy is to arrest those who are in violation of the Comprehensive Drug Act. In fact, millions of drug users have surrendered and are ALIVE in our country Leni. Stop your stupidity. Just like in Portugal, Leni, our laws doesn't automatically jail those users who possess a certain amount of narcotics," Sasot said.

Sasot mentioned Section 15 of the law which states that "a person apprehended or arrested, who is found to be positive for use of any dangerous drug, after a confirmatory test, shall be imposed a penalty of a minimum of six (6) months rehabilitation in a government center for the first offense."

Sasot also rebutted the use of Mexico as an example, as drug cartels in the  country became so powerful because of government neglect in the first place, thus violence became necessary in stopping them in the long run.

"Second, you know what happened in Mexico, Leni? The drug cartels became so powerful because of YEARS of government neglect. Apprehending them requires violence because they are heavily armed." she said.

She said that in the reports, Philippine cartels are armed.

Sasot cited the weapons seized from the Espinosa's of Leyte and the documentary of Vice News about the problem of shabu in the country.

"And third, bakit ba hindi ka sumama sa police operations para malaman mo kung justified ba o hindi ang paggamit ng force if the person they apprehended violently resisted arrest?" Sasot added.

SOURCE: For the Motherland by Sass Sasot

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Int'l relations expert calls Leni 'stupid and ignorant' for suggestion to decriminalize drugs Int'l relations expert calls Leni 'stupid and ignorant' for suggestion to decriminalize drugs Reviewed by Kristian S. on 23 April Rating: 5

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