Former DILG chief: 'Naiintindihan ko ang galit ni PRRD'
Former Interior Secretary Rafael Alunan advised his close comrade President Rodrigo Duterte to stay calm amidst enemies and critics, as his supporters are vigilant and riles up to defend him.

“Ang advice ko kay PRRD ay ganito. No matter how much you put the mirror of truth in front of them, they will keep denying what they're doing to you while continuing what they're doing because they have a hidden agenda. And if you continue to show anger and curse them, the more they'll use it against you in a spiral of black propaganda,” Alunan said.

He also encouraged Duterte supporters to continue their cause despite the difficulties that are now being faced as a result of a change in administration.

Alunan stated that the country is going through the eye of a needle  as the government is at work to change the system and is just welcoming a president who is sweeping dirt accumulated.

“Before DU30 came along, the desire was to have a strong President that would sweep away the dirt we've accumulated but somehow refused to clean up. Now that he's here, warts and all but with the best of intentions, he's being obstructed,” he said.

“Ang labo ano? That's why linalampaso tayo ng mga dayuhan at kanilang mga galamay dito sa ating lipunan. Ito yung tinatawag natin na "status quo" o "vested interests" o "elite" that only serve their own exclusive interests. Pwera tayo dyan,” he added.

He said these elites were put to shame when they lost during the last elections and therefore are at work now to remove Dutere and pursue their causes.

Alunan said he understood that Duterte’s harsh words are a reflection of his frustrations at the crooks, yet other people are sensationalizing his statements.

“Naiintindihan ko ang galit ni PRRD. Nagugulat ang mga iba sa kanyang pagmumura. Ngunit kung sila'y nasa pwesto nya at mararamdaman nila ang masamang balak na patalsikin sila sa pwesto sa pamamagitan ng syndicated narratives based on exagerrations and distortions, sa palagay ko magagalit rin sila ng katatkot-takot,” Alunan said.

He advised Duterte to stop being riled up.

“The people are sufficiently aware of who these syndicated local and foreign elements are. No need for you to keep getting riled up because your supporters are vigilant and all riled up. Stay cool and focused on the responsibilities of the Presidency; keep the dignity of the office intact; and work on national unity and progress despite the obstacles,” he said.

He said Duterte can stop with his words, as his supporters can say it for him.

“The best tack is to no longer show them the finger, curse them and push them back publicly. We will do that for you in other ways that will amount to the same thing. Relax, Mr President, we're standing by you,” he added.

Source: Rafael Alunan

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Former DILG chief: 'Naiintindihan ko ang galit ni PRRD' Former DILG chief: 'Naiintindihan ko ang galit ni PRRD' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 01 April Rating: 5

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