Activism in UP is now just an "urban myth", "tourist attraction", says blog
An opinion article in the blog Get Real Philippines commented that students of the University of the Philippines are not really living the stereotype of activists.

The writer of the article who hides behind the name Benigno claims to be a graduate of the country's premiere state university and said that activism is lived but by a student council and a few students who claim to be "socially aware".

In reality, he said UP students are mostly fixed on trying to graduate on time, recognizing the privilege of getting an education from the university.

Benigno noted that when the media reports that the UP community rejects the degree offered to President Rodrigo Duterte, it only meant a small few.

He said this caricature of the typical UP student with their typical tshirt, jeans and sandals rallying in the streets is "no more than a quaint urban myth".

"What to make of those bozos who fit that tubao-sporting UP student archetype portrayed in pop culture? Well, one just needs to closely observe what goes on on campus during the campaign periods leading to the USC elections every year. Because the campus paper, the venerable Philippine Collegian, is also controlled by these makabayan dweebs, outsiders –which include all these lazy “professional” journalists and the bevy of pedestrian social media “activists” who shriek about “human rights” on Facebook and Twitter everyday," it read.

"The truth of the matter is that most UP students just want to get on with the task of graduating on time. UP activists have become a mere tourist attraction," it added.

"Unfortunately, the cry to makibaka no longer rings across as the serious call for a protest against the “evil” status quo — not when three decades of Yellowtardism had turned the notion of Laban into the sad punchline that it is today," the article ended.

SOURCE: Get Real Philippines

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Activism in UP is now just an 'urban myth', 'tourist attraction', says blog Activism in UP is now just an 'urban myth', 'tourist attraction', says blog Reviewed by Kristian S. on 21 April Rating: 5

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