Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles in her Facebook page criticized Vice President Leni Robredo for having dreams of being akin to late President Corazon Aquino.

Both Aquino and Robredo were elected into office after their politically active husbands passed away.

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"You want to come across as some Cory Aquinoesque figure, the grieving widow, politically naive, but sincere. An icon of justice. But really, you are just someone propped up by a has-been political party weighed down by baggage of their excesses," she said.

She said Robredo was more of an Imelda Marcos.

"While you do share characteristics of Cory Aquino, in the sense that you do not wish a further investigation into your husband's death, it seems to me you are more Imelda Marcos who allegedly suppressed unauthorized biographies that detailed her impoverished past," she added.

The lawyer said that it was ironic how Robredo shared the same characteristics as the woman she loathed.

Angeles also criticized how Robredo would claim to give importance to dissent but would silently shut down social media accounts who  would criticize her.

"For you, PR is vital in establishing and maintaining an image that exists only in the most rabid yellow head. It has nothing to do with facts," the lawyer said.

"I don't know about you, but you have been taking too much of the Kool Aid, believing in your own press releases. And wanting only good things about you to come out. In that sense, you are no Cory Aquino, you're more Imelda Marcos," she said.

She said Robredo did not even deny the allegations of We Are Collective.

SOURCE: Trixie Cruz-Angeles

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