Still Duterte: The Philippines Last Hope
by Christian Gerard

It has been 8 months since President Duterte took office and I can say it has been a whirlwind of changes within the country. Some say its bad and uncalled for but I say its just an awakening of us. Letting us know the real score behind whats happening in our country. We have been living under the influence of PR and Media while blindsided with the real issues of the nation. Yes, we can see glimpses of it but thats the problem. We only see what they want us to see.

'Still Duterte, The Philippines last hope'
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We have been controlled by these bimbos without us knowing and thats how a good PR works. Personally I lost hope with the nation, saying that it might be a high time to just give up and find the fastest way to escape it but then comes Rodrigo Duterte. A tough talking, no holds barred mayor of Davao City. Once a haven of bad omens now a catalyst of good governance and outstanding progress. 

At first I was not rooting for him, i find his crass, smart ( sometimes inexcusable) mouth and tough stance on things not for national politics but then I wonder what is for National Politics? Is it someone who comes from a scion of hacienderos? A well mannered technocrat? Or perhaps an intelligent well spoken elitist? But when you read the things to be required for a to be a philippine president, theres no specifications on education, traits, manners and such. It just says someone who is of mature age, can read or right, a natural born filipino so I said why not give him a chance. 

As the vicious cycle of political campaign ensues, we have seen the core of these people yet something is different. People are more engaged with it. Someone is giving them hope. A hope that one day our country will be great again. We will be out of this sick bed and walk or rather sprint into the light of a new and bright day for the country. It was the tough talking mayor who gives them that. 

He is strict, has a very tough ideals on issues and can be a bit off when it comes to his speaking engagements but he is a catalyst. He was the one who woke up our buried love for the Philippines. He awakened our nationalistic spirit and patriotism. An urge to stand up and be the supporter and bringer of change. Filipinos usually prayed for the elections but this time, it comes with hope and a drive to do something for once to change their lives and the country for the better. We were fed up, angry and disoriented with whats happening. With these human climate we have elected a mayor from a city down south into the highest office on the land. 

The problems he faces are tough. Questioning every inch of government actions and issues, taking on humongous oligarchs, keeping in check the guards of the country, bridging the gap between the few elite and the many common folks. Now we see these buffoons trying hard to oust him and put in a questionable and stupid imbecile who cannot even straightly answer a simple question. They want him out because he is affecting them. He is tackling them head on. 

I remember seeing Duterte supporters sum up pennies and pesos to help in his campaign, print free for those people who want Duterte in their shirts, make their own placards and posters, be his fighters in social media and support him wherever he goes and what he does without any payback at all makes my eyes water and my heart melt. This is one the true meaning of bayanihan. We gather even if we have different take on some issues, we are as diverse as we can be yet we stand united, up in arms and ready to fight. 

This fight is not just for ourselves but for family, loved ones, friends, neighbors and every filipino in this nation. To preserve and protect the Philippines and its constitution. To aid the government in its aims to improve the lives of many. To be our own catalyst in one way or another. 

To be the PR of change. To help this man in governing our very distraught and divided nation which he puts on the line his integrity and honor. For me and for everyone who agrees this day forward it will Still be Duterte, The Philippines last hope.

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