Atty. Bruce Rivera, a supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte and a graduate of San Beda Law on Monday said that Vice President Leni Robredo and her minions were trying to pull a "stupid" act by planning on prosecuting Atty. Darwin Canete.

Prominent lawyer: 'Prosecuting a decent prosecutor is a stupid idea'
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Rivera said that prosecutors know every corner of the Revised Penal Code "like a lesbian knows a vagina". 

He  said prosecutors have a sense of brotherhood and do not like prosecuting their own, especially not Canete whoo is respected in the community.

Canete works for the Department of Justice, acting as prosecutor in several cases.

He said that he did not mean that prosecutors do not go after another fiscal but that if the intention was to harrass, silence or threaten, that iss not likely to happen.

Rivera said that Canete will probably not get such an attack from his brothers.

"Not to Prosecutor Canete. Not to a man of dignity. Not to a man who supported PRRD even when being a supporter was made a joke. Yes, the same time as I was supporting. He was not the bandwagon supporter like most who began openly supporting because it was safe," he said.

"He never lobbied for a position. Hell, he did not even apply for a City Proecutor position and use his support as a bargaining chip," he added.

He also said that since Duterte was a prosecutor, he would have supported Canete knowing the difficulty of the job.

He said Canete could have taken advantage of it, but he did not.

SOURCE: Bruce Rivera

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Prominent lawyer: 'Prosecuting a decent prosecutor is a stupid idea' Prominent lawyer: 'Prosecuting a decent prosecutor is a stupid idea' Reviewed by Unknown on 14 March Rating: 5

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