To the European Parliament:
by Rolaiza Mimi Singayao

I am a Filipino Moro-Lumad and an overseas worker. I decided after careful study to support Mayor Duterte, now the President of my beloved country with whom the majority Filipinos elected in a democratically conducted elections in May 2016.

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I am in a journey with my fellow countrymen under Duterte's leadership to rid our country of corruption, criminality and address the devastating consequences of the Philippines being almost a narco state.

Leila De Lima is one sorry manifestation of how narcopolitics has gotten firm hold in our country. She is not a political prisoner. The Filipinos are fully aware of why the court found cause to put her behind bars while her case is being heard. 

Please, get to know us, the Filipinos and get to study without prejudice the true state of matters in the Philippines.

We are deeply saddened, hurt and indignant of how the European Parliament disrespects our will as a sovereign people. 

Law abiding Filipinos are not dying or being killed. We are alive and hopeful of being involve and engage in nation building under Duterte's leadership. We not only support our President, we in fact, love him. 

With deep resolve, we shall defend our sovereignty as a nation and people.

We ask that you please not interfere and respect the Filipino nation.

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Open letter to European Parliament: 'You disrespected our will as a sovereign people' Open letter to European Parliament: 'You disrespected our will as a sovereign people' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 17 March Rating: 5

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