An online petition was started to remove Facebook Philippines Manager Digs Dimagiba from his position.

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The petition began through website It was addressed to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

It said that Dimagiba used his position to "curtail freedom of speech in our country and has influenced the suspension or deletion of many groups and individuals that do not conform to his favored party- the Liberal Party."

It stressed on the importance of the social media site in connecting people and providing a venue for communication.

It read that when the site is headed by a biased manager, it  cannot properly serve its purpose.

"He is using his Facebook position and influence to silence those who have the courage to question fake news and articles and to present the truth- to write the other sides of stories," it read.

Dimagiba allegedly did favors for friend Vice President Leni Robredo and took down sites that opposed or criticized her and the Liberal Party.

The petition has over four thousand signatures as of writing.

Sign the petition here.


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