A netizen on Facebook criticized Vice President Leni Robredo, saying she was merely pretending to be a champion of democracy and advocate of dissent, and yet silences her dissenters without lawsuits.

Robredo has been pointed to be behind the shutdown of several websites and Facebook pages that are against her and the Liberal Party.

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Bryan Ng Co in his Facebook page said that Robredo was full of lies, stating how she spread rumors that someone was out to steal her position and was factual because of one person's tip, and that she published pictures falsely showing her riding public transportations.

"You projected yourself to be the helpless victim of a political system that you and your husband helped propagate.  Yet, when push comes to shove, you turned around and threaten people who criticize your family," he said.

The sites taken down criticized Robredo's late husband Jesse and brother-n-Jose for alleged corruption and perpetration of illegal gambling and rugs in Naga City.

Co said that Robredo is untouchable with her money and power and thus abuses it.

"How does a common citizen of this republic bully a person with billions in assets and has the trappings of a rich and entrenched politician?  It so happens that in your case, you also hold the second highest executive office of the land! " He said.

"How does one bully a Vice President?" he added.

He said if the VP wanted to resort to ad misericordiam, she should at least be discrete about it.

"You criticize and malign the president all the time. Yet here you are the so-called champion of democracy and "dissent" (sic) threatening dissenters and critics with lawsuit." he said.

"Galit ka ba talaga sa Martial Law o nag-gagalitan lamang?" he added.

SOURCE: Bryan Ng Co

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Fearless netizen on Leni: You say you are a champion of democracy, yet silence your dissenters Fearless netizen on Leni: You say you are a champion of democracy, yet silence your dissenters Reviewed by Unknown on 14 March Rating: 5

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