Dear Leni,

I am a pro-Duterte, way back before he decided to be president. College palang ako I always tell people that I there’s just two names I would love to write on the ballot as president – the late Senator Miriam Santiago and Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. I am not writing this letter because I want to diss you because I am a dutertad (as they call the likes of me). I am writing this because this is a perfect opportunity to share my family’s story.

You tried to gain people’s sympathy by distorting the truth. You talked about “palit-ulo scheme” in the PNP and is using that angle to try to prove that there is EJK in the presidents’ war on drugs. You should have dived deeper before you called international media, cause you know nothing about “palit-ulo scheme” Ms. Vice President. Yes, I know better than you on this matter, because our family is a victim of it.

A letter to Leni from an anonymous relative of 2 Palit-ulo' victims: You must read this!
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Year 2012, my older brothers got hook on drugs. It was a trying time for our family. One was acting out against society and found the wrong peers, another one was down with depression when his wife abandoned him and their children who ran away with another man. They are now both in jail, serving time for RA 9165 section 3 (jj) Trading.

My kuya (the one who was depressed), landed in jail first. The day he was caught was a normal day like any other. He woke up from his afternoon nap and then asked for change from our dad so he can buy himself “merienda”. Our dad gave him 20 pesos and he left, 2 minutes later a young boy rushed to our house to inform my dad that my brother was taken by police and sent to jail. He didn’t have any illegal drugs on him. He was only wearing cotton shorts (no shirt on) and had only the 20 pesos bill in his hand. When we went to check at the jail.

The story unfolded. He came out to the street intent to buy some banana que, when the known drug lord in our neighborhood came up to him and asked him to come with him. He wasn’t able to refuse since two burly men escorted him and identified themselves as police. Since he is a drug user, he thought someone tattled on him and he is being charged as a user. He was guilty for being a user, so he succumb to his fate. At the police station, him and the others were treated like pest and was starved and occasionally kicked and beaten. While the drug lord was sitting comfortably drinking coffee and having snacks not far from them (my brother and the others) with the jail warden, laughing and talking like old friends.

This happened on a Friday, later in the afternoon, my brother beaten, he was called in to talk with the drug lord and the police chief. He was asked to sign documentation that HE WAS THE DRUG LORD. They presented a deal with him, they said that he will need to sign the papers claiming that he was the drug lord and the bastard Rod (the real drug lord) was just a user. They told him that since Rod have been in jail 2 (or 3 I am not sure) times for possession of illegal drugs, if he gets charged for the same case he won’t be able to post bail anymore because he is a repeat offender. They said that the Chinese who finance Rod’s drug syndicate is already readying money to give under the table for their release on Monday to the sum of 300k pesos. All to be paid to the police chief and his cohorts in the department. They assured my brother not to worry since it is a Friday and they have 72 hours to file the report. That if on Monday before the 72 hours deadline the Chinese is able to pay him and Rod would be free to go no charges filed. That the papers were just collateral to pressure the Chinese to pay and to bluff. They want him to take the blame for selling drugs because his records were clean –my brother don’t have any cases even for just mere misdemeanor against his name. He used drugs for a few months to deal with depression but before that he was a perfect law abiding citizen (and no we don’t justify his drug use – drug use is still drug use whatever your reasons). They said that is why they choose him, because the pay-out of the Chinese can only cover 2 people. Since one spot is reserved for Rod, they choose my brother because they feel sorry for him because he is a single father who just made a wrong choice and they want to set him free so he can get his life back together.

My brother, bless his idiocy, believed Rod and the police chief. Does this story sound familiar so far Ms. Leni? It should, because this what happens to the real “palit-ulo scheme”. My kuya was palit-ulo for Rod. We are not related by blood to Rod so you are wrong there that kamag anak are force to do palit ulo. They (police) manipulate first time offenders like my kuya so they can get the big fishes and extort money. Come Monday, my brother is still and jail and the admission of guilt papers he signed was used against him. Why? On Monday, the Chinese did pay and Rod’s wife paid half of the agreed 300k, they got greedy and took the half for themselves thus the police never released my brother. They are drug lords after all with no morals whatsoever and don’t care about anyone else but themselves. The police? They don’t care about my brother either nor the fact that his children would be left without a parent, they only care about the money they think the drug lord owe them. It didn’t matter that they really didn’t have any proof against my brother when they caught him. They had the nerve to tell “tinuluyan namin para matuto sila (the drug lords) na hindi kami gaguhin!” My brother is the one suffering from another’s crime. He is in jail until now just because he was a pawn caught as collateral damage on the money greed war between corrupt police officers and drug lords.

My other kuya, he was also palit ulo. He was caught again without any proof of guilt on him. Their only reason for taking him in was that he was a known drug user. So basically, their proof was that other drug users pinpointed him as one of them. He was again a palit ulo for another drug lord. They promise him that if he helps catch the big fish, he will be released since he holds no value as the Chinese won’t pay for users but just for their minions.

So you see the palit-ulo is in fact a way for the police to extract money from the drug lords. It happens every Friday since they use the 72 hour grace period to file a case as leverage to small fry like my brothers and convince them that they do would be released on Monday without charges. I know you can confirm this that majority of police operations and catches happen on a Friday.

  So you are right, palit-ulo scheme is happening. You just didn’t have all the facts on how it is happening. Palit-ulo scheme is not use for EJK, it is use by corrupt police officers to extort money from drug bust.

We are not stupid, alam naman ng lahat na ang PNP ang isa sa mga pinaka korap sa gobyerno. But why do we still support the president? Kung totoo naman pala ang palit-ulo scheme why do we still support the president’s war on drugs? Why don’t we believe you on your cries of EJK?

Well, balikan natin, again my brother’s experience on palit-ulo happened in 2012. Si Noynoy Aquino ang presidente nuon hindi si Duterte. Buhay kaming patotoo kung paaanong nakita namin na lumala ang drug addiction sa lugar namin nung panahon ni Aquino. Dati sabi ng kuya ko makakabili ka lang ng shabu kung mapera ka kase ang mahal dahil mataas ang demand mababa ang supply. Ang isang gramo daw nuon 300-500 pesos ang halaga. Nung panahon ni Aquino bumaba ang presyo ng isang gramo sa 100 pesos. Kase mataas na ang supply. May 50 pesos ka para kalahating gramo solve ka na. Kahit mga teenagers may access na bumili kase 20 pesos lang mabibili ka na. Kasing halaga lang ng 2 oras na renta sa computer shop. So sablay ka teng, ang palit-ulo uso nung panahon nang pamumuno ng amo mo hindi ni duterte.
Naniniwala ako sa war on drugs ni President Duterte dahil first hand namin naranasan ang masamang dulot ng drugs. Sa lugar palang namin santambak na ang nasirang buhay dahil sa drugs, kulang ho Ms. Leni ang bilang ng minions mo para mabilang ang mga krimen na ang dinadahilan e “hindi ko alam ginagawa ko kase high ako sa shabu”.

Wala pa hong tatlong buwan si President Duterte sa pwesto, sinalvage na yung 2 chinese drug lords at 7 nilang minions (kasama si Rod) nang mga pulis na humawalang hiya sa mga kuya ko. Good Riddance. Pinalabas na “nanlaban”. Kaya ho walang EJK na nilalabag si Digong. Karamihan sa mga salvage na nakikita niyo tulad nang kay Rod ay hindi dahil “drug lord” sila kaya pinatay ng mga vigilante. Hindi na ho mabilang ng daliri ko ang mga kilala ko na namatay. Pinatay ho sila ng mga PULIS (hindi vigilante) kase kaya nilang ituro sino ang mga korap na pulis na kasabwat nila. So hindi po sagot na patigilin ang war on drugs para matigil ang patayang ito. E di

“E ganun din yun kase sya ang nag utos ng all-out war sa drugs e, bakit mga adik at pusher lang namamatay sa war niya bat hindi namamatay ang mga korap na pulis?” malamang iniisip mo ngayon.

Excited much ate? 3 months palang ho si digong namatay na yung 2 chinese at 7 drug lords sa syudad namin. After nun, tumamlay na ang bentahan ng drugs samin. Wala na ang supplier e. Tapos may mga small fishes na natira nabalot naman ng takot at nagtago, karamihan tumakbo na sa mga probinsya. Ang natitira nalang na mga adik sa lugar namin ngayon e yung mga kinain na ng bisyo. Yung mga willing pumunta sa malayo makabili lang ng shabu. So confident po ako na in 6 years kaya niyang ideliver ang pangako niyang gubyernong walang korap at drugs. Sa yosi pa nga lang na dineclare nyang ibaban nya pag nanalo syang presidente, hanggang ngayon hindi pa napapataw ang batas e halos lahat na ng lugar may “smoking designated area” na. Ganun ho kabilib ang mga tao sa presidente, parang tatay na dadaanin ka lang sa tingin mapapasunod ka na. So Malaki ang paniniwala ko na ang war on drugs ni digong ay one step at a time lang po. Wag excited. Supplier muna, tas yung mga drug lord… I am sure dadating din ho tayo sa point na ang mga korap na pulis naman.. wag lang ho masyadong demanding. Kayo nga ilang buwan na din sa pwesto bilang vice president e isa palang ang nagging project nyo pumalpak pa at gumuho. Puro publicity stunt lang at pictorial nagagawa niyo ng tama e may narinig ba kayo samin?

I am posting this anonymously kase yung kupal na hepe ng pulis e nasa posisyon pa. My brothers are set to be free within this year, in pursuit of the truth I still cant risk na masalvage ang mga kapatid ko just because I posted this. Kahit nasa pwesto pa ang mga korap na pulis, I am not angry with duterte. I don't blame him dahil yung mga pesteng pulis na yan napeste nung yung dilaw ang utak mong presidente Ms. Leni ang nakaup. Sabi nga kung ano ang puno sya ang bunga. Si Duterte? Sya ang pag asa namin na within his term (hindi man ngayong buwan o ngayong taon but somewhere within his term) e matutulungan nya kaming linisin ang kapulisan at gubyerno sa mga korap.


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A letter to Leni from an anonymous relative of 2 'Palit-ulo' victims: You must read this! A letter to Leni from an anonymous relative of 2 'Palit-ulo' victims: You must read this! Reviewed by Kristian S. on 18 March Rating: 5

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