A documentary by the Public Broadcasting Service  reported by William Brangham, featured the Philippines' war on drugs, implicating President Rodrigo Duterte for the spike of killings of people suspected of involvement with drugs.

The documentary featured different personalities including political analyst Ramon Casiple who said that violence is part of the president's strategy to sow fear.

Foreign documentary implicates Duterte for drug war
Screengrab from PBS video
"If what they’re saying is that he’s developing the environment for these killings, then I think I would say yes, precisely, that’s the effect he wants, to sow fear among the criminals," he said.

The docu also shared the case of a citizen by the name of Zenny, whose 34-year-old son was killed during police operations.

Zenny said the son did not fight the  armed men but was framed to appear so.

A priest, Amado Picardal pointed at the president as well, saying that Davao is the template for all the crimes.

Overall, the docu served as a source of information for the people outside of the country.

Watch full documentary video below:


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