If her intention is to keep on ruining the image of President Rodrigo Duterte, Vice President Leni Robredo should just resign and simply act as the voice of the Liberal Party, according to a Filipino diplomat and columnist Rigoberto Tiglao in his column for the Manila Times.

Tiglao: 'After UN message, Leni should just resign'
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Tiglao criticized the video  message that Robredo made for the United Nations' 60th anniversary where she called for intervention at the situation of the Philippines now that President Rodrigo Duterte's drug war is in place.

Robredo mentioned that 7,000 suspects have been killed in the drug war, and that 500 cases have been filed at the Commission on Human Rights.

Tiglao said it is as if Robredo made it appear that the rule of law in our country has so totally broken down that victims of human rights violations are given no recourse.

He also noted how the VP gave no source for all the digits she mentioned in the video.

Tiglao said that the 7,000 victims was based on false reports by "biased" news site Rappler.com and the 500 cases was confirmed as a lie by his insiders.

Tiglao mentioned cases of Benigno Aquino and Gloria Arroyo who although were criticizing their Presidents, did not appear in the international community to put call them criminals or put them and the country in a bad light.

"Those opposing Duterte’s regime have all the right to accuse him of this or that, even on just the flimsiest basis. But Robredo can’t as Vice President, since when she does that, she is representing the people, and I’m sure most Filipinos do not support her hate of Duterte," he said.

He said Robredo could at least gather real data to back her allegations and not on "fake news by such biased outfits as Rappler.com".

"If she wants to continue ranting against Duterte, she has to resign as Vice President, and send the messages like that she sent to the UN as one by a Liberal Party official," he said.

"If this is the kind of leader the Liberal Party thinks they can impose on this nation, they should give up all hope and should dissolve the party immediately, so its ambitious members can pursue their dreams using the vehicle of other more credible parties," he added.

SOURCE: Manila Times

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