Fearless Filipina slams EU: 'You are a drug protector'
Mary Ann Suyom Alvarez, a FIlipina from Calatagan Batangas expressed her disappointment to European Parliament, a strong critic of President Rodrigo Duterte's drugs war.

Netizen Alvarez echoed the same sentiment of The Department of Foreign Affairs which accused European Parliament of intrusion for meddling issues of the country.

Read full statement of Mary Ann Suyom Alvarez below:

Seriously, European Parliament? You are condemning the duly-elected President of The Republic of the Philippines because of the killings here, the death penalty bill, and Leila De Lima's painting herself as "politically persecuted"?

Okay let me give you a layman's take on these matters. NOTE: A typical Filipino's say on the said issues. When I say typical Filipino, means someone who's been living her whole life in the country. Who knows and experiences the everday roundabout here and who's been aware with all of these matters you foreigners are distorting most of the time. 

Well maybe your own research team is biased and heeds only the analyses of crooked few. First, we can't deny the fact that the proliferation of drugs and drug cartels here is very extensive. Massive. In the sense that few more years, we are going to be a druggists haven "open" for all crackheads. And I bet your researchers are far more intelligent than I. 

I just don't know why you guys believed the lie that all the bloody killings are state-sanctioned. IT IS WRONG. Second, Death Penalty is a "must" here in this country that has been the paradise of criminals, of rapists, of murderers, of corrupts. I know some crimes I mentioned here we're not yet included in the crimes approved for the death penalty law. But I assure you EU, we need the law here. And third, stop painting Leila De Lima as the oppressed party here. She is not jailed for political motives but she was jailed for being a big drug protector in her time as a Department Of Justice secretary. Don't tell me you didn't know that!. You're geniuses. 

De Lima as well as the lost Liberal Party politicians are doing triple time to oust President Duterte so they can go back to their old ways of stealing and raping my Motherland. Do not back them up. Because I myself look highly upon you before. 

I have the impression now that because of what you are doing, you, yourself is Evil. That you have vested interests why you're helping destabilizing this country. I'm starting to think that you, European Parliament, is a drug protector. That you're not different from drug cartels, mafias at all. 

My last words for you? 

Almost ninety percent Filipinos trust the current administration. It will going to be a huge mess, it'll be bloody if you will not stop from hindering us to the progress we wanted for this country that you Europeans and other Western Countries have been enjoying eversince. Don't be so sellfish. Like you, Filipinos are human too. So allow us to live on our own with the help of our President Duterte. We love him. Those people who doesn't like him are wrong-doers. So again I say, Let us be. Leave us alone. We don't need you at all. STOP DESTABILIZING THE PHILIPPINES.

Typical Pinay.

Source/s: Mary Ann Alvarez, ABS-CBN News

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