Duterte calls ABS-CBN, Inquirer garbage, "Mga bastos kayo"
President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday lashed out on the top media agencies of the country, ABS-CBN and Philippine Daily Inquirer while speaking at the the Philippine Councilors' League officers oath taking in Malacañang Place.

He bad mouthed the two agencies which he said were corrupt and similar to garbage.

“Inquirer, you’ve never been fair. I know it’s supposed to be antagonistic, but fair? Mga bastos kayo, pati ABS-CBN,” Duterte said.

He said the reporting of the journalists in the agencies were unfair, and that they were fond of twisting his words.

“Kung babanatan ninyo ako sa mga editorial ninyo, magpo-program na lang ako araw-araw sa PTV 4 at doon ko kayo babanatan kahit araw-araw….kung gusto ninyo magbabuyan na lang tayo”, he added.

He hinted that  he may no longer entertain the media outlets and would launch hhis own TV show in PTV4.

Duterte stated that the media companies didn’t checked the veracity of the stories that they published, including the alleged hidden wealth issue that Duterte faced during the election period.

He also said that he despised how the media maade a big deal out of a concentrator found inside his home during his birthday.

He claimed that the reason why the media companies loathed him was because they supported his opponent, the defeated Mar Roxas.

He labeled the media owners "oligarchs", along with the catholic church.

This afternoon, Inquirer released an official statement to the President's remarks.

The agency said that it takes exception to Duterte's claim that it is unfair in its reportage.

It said that it has upheld the highest standards of excellence in journalism and have pursued the truth, and endeavored to get the administration's side of any controversy.

"The Inquirer's wide readership and hundreds of awards, prizes and citations from prestigious organizations here and abroad attest to its adherence to accuracy, fairness and balance in its reporting" the statement read.

Duterte was also known to have criticized media outlets at the beginning of his term, after they highlighted the accusations of Senator Antonio Trillanes that he has massive hidden wealth.

In June of last year, Duterte boycotted the media but ended it after ignoring press interviews for a month.

Source/s: SunstarPinoy Trending

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