Journalist Jojo Robles in his column at the Manila Standard said that the Liberal Party senators who were removed from the Senate majority had "overstayed their welcome" and the price was what they had to pay for disregarding the views of their colleagues.

Senators Franklin Drilon, Francis Pangilinan, Risa Hontiveros and Bam Aquino were removed of their chairmanships positions.

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Robles called the Senate as a club of chummy-chummy politicians who consider each other elites.

"But this club atmosphere was exploited and abused by Drilon and his LPs, who thought that by remaining nominally in the “super majority,” they no longer had any obligation to respect the majority’s agenda. And so, like the Yellows outside the Senate, they overstayed their welcome and even tried to find the higher moral ground after being exposed as the political opportunists that they really are," he said.

He said that the incident can be explained simply. Since the Senate majority no longer felt like the LP's are in line with their views, they cannot be a part of the majority.

He said however that Drilon and his "teammates" still had the chance to get their perks back by simply renouncing their affiliation and join the regular majority.

Robles also criticized Vice President Leni Robredo for reacting intensely on the incident.

"Madam Leni, your party-mates were just given the heave-ho after rafting once too often in two rivers simultaneously, as the old Tagalog saying on infidelity goes," he said.

"Given your own personal experience with being neither here nor there as a former opposition member embedded in—and later thrown out of—the Cabinet, you really should just keep your trap shut on this one," he added.

SOURCE: Manila Standard

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