Doctor Andrea Carigma in her Facebook page said that Vice President Leni Robredo's argument against federalism needed more "substance".

The Vice President has recently said that she feared the long-proposed change of government of the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

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Photo from Carigma's Facebook and Inquirer
Robredo said that federalism may result in unequal provincial development.

“Perhaps to many, federalism may be a plausible solution to our country’s problems. But what form? Which model? There seems to be confusion. But there is something more important to consider,” Robredo said, adding that dynasties may also cause negative effects.

To which, Carigma gave her rebuttal.

The doctor said that inequality had long persisted even without federalism.

"No Ma'am. THERE HAD BEEN INEQUALITY EVER SINCE WITH OUR CURRENT FORM OF GOVERNMENT. You don't even have to go as far as Mindanao (where I believe it is worst - look at the poverty rate in the far off provinces. Philippine Institution of Developmental Sciences has information on that," she said.

Carigma said that the difference in the way of living among Filipinos is within view.

"Even in the provinces of Luzon you can see how different life is for Filipinos - compared to those who live in Metro Manila. Why do you think Metro Manila is congested?," she said.

Carigma claimed that federalism gives respect to regional diversity.

"With federalism, each region would have a greater hand on their finances. It is not in anyway synonymous with feudalism," she said.

"Please give substance to your opposition," she added.

Source: Andrea Carigma

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