MARIA LOURDES NAVARRO TIQUIA or most known as Malou Tiquia, a noted lobbyist and political strategist in the Philippines and in Asia reacted to the impeachment complaint of President Rody Duterte which was filed by Representative Gary Alejano.

Asia's political strategist says Duterte's impeachment complaint is weak
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Read her full statement below:

Re Impeachment of Duterte:

1. First time in the history of impeachment in this country where a complaint was filed against a President who has been in office for ONLY 8 months.

2. In those 8 months, different tactics have been made to put to question his being president. These focused on corruption, killings when he was mayor and his ability to lead and govern.

3. Sen Trillanes has been a bounty hunter since 2013: as backdoor, China expert of Aquino; assassin to VP Binay for 2 years thereby securing a PhD on the same, parlayed it to political gun-for-hire against candidate Duterte and now, President Duterte. He is handler of Matobato and Lascanas. His Magdalena PL filed the impeachment complaint. The author of the complaint is said to be married to a "Cojuangco from Tarlac."

There is nothing new in the complaint. No annexes re evidence. It is a rehash of the accusations peddled by Sen. Trillanes and echoed by the Liberal Party in the Senate.

4. The HOR of the 17th Congress has not yet approved its Rules on Impeachment. The Rules Committee chaired by Rep. Rudy Farinas will refer the complaint to the Committee on Justice, chaired by LP Rep. Rey Umali (2nd Dist, OrMindoro).

5. MagdaloPL is banking on the support of disgruntled members of HOR who have been removed from their chairmanship and who do not like the way Speaker Alvarez runs the chamber.

6. The first test is Form and Substance at the Committee on Justice, after the same has approved the rules on impeachment.

7. Congress is on a recess until 1 May. It will resume its session on May 2 and will adjourn sine die by 2 June or a total of 14 session days!

8. Media will be on the overdrive after the Holy Week, building to the resumption of Congress and in the 14 session days. MagdaloPL will appear to have earned and free media. They are positioning for more seats in the HOR in 2019 with the end of term of Trillanes in the Senate.

9. 3 things happened yesterday: video tape of VP, filing of impeachment and the EUparliament on jailed Sen Delima on violations of the DDL. That was clockwork.

10. The impeachment complaint is weak but it will shake the foundations of the presidency hoping to tie it with econ gains and attempt to close the wide door for investors to come in. The moment investors feel the noise is too much, we lose again our chance to be competitive and we are sidetracked with getting poor Filipinos out of poverty.

Focus on forest not the trees.

Source: Malou Tiquia

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