Ben Bañares, the mind behind "Newskupow," slammed Filipino music legend Jim Paredes for berating and pro-Duterte youth supporters during a mass gathering on Saturday, February 25, as they celebrated the 31st anniversary of the EDSA People Powers Revolution.

UST alumnus twits Paredes: 'Nabili mo na ba ang EDSA, Lolo Jim?'
Screencap from Rappler's YouTube video
In a series of line, Bañares criticized the action of Paredes who "shouted and insulted" the youth group. "Do you think bigla silang maniniwala sa'yo? Di mo ba naisip na baka lalo ka nilang kamuhian," wrote Bañares over social network Facebook.

The Duterte supporter also hit Paredes on being "decent."

"Akala ko ba 'disente' ka? Akala ko ba you're way up there?" posted Bañares. In the past, Duterte supporter were accused by their detractors as "indecent" for the way they campaigned for President Rodrigo Duterte.

Bañares also said, "Kayo lang ba ang Pilipino, Lolo Jim?" after Paredes remarked that Duterte supporters are the ones in the wrong. "Di mo ba alam na ang tama sa iyo ay maarang mali sa iba?," Bañares furthered.

The post made several points against Paredes including what he was trying to prove in provoking the argument and his demand for respect. "Matuto ka ring rumespeto ng ibang pananaw. Kahit sa mga taong sa tingin mo ay maliit sa'yo," Bañares stated.

He then explained to the "arrogant" Paredes that Duterte won because the public is sick of "arrogant people like you." He also quipped at Senator Leila de Lima who was imprisoned earlier this week for drug charges. "Masyado kayong mayayabang," wrote Bañares.

Lastly, he shared that he only lasted four minutes of the video because he felt like he was the one being berated by Paredes and he felt like a "muchacho" being scolded by his boss who is "matapobre."

Source: Ben Bañares

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UP alumnus twits Paredes: 'Nabili mo na ba ang EDSA, Lolo Jim?' UP alumnus twits Paredes: 'Nabili mo na ba ang EDSA, Lolo Jim?' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 26 February Rating: 5

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