There is collective outrage, and it is seething to the core, when we are directly and blatantly assaulted by the arrogance, conceit, self importance and egotism of legislators.

Yes Mr Pimentel, we are indignant, we are appalled, and we are repulsed when you recklessly and wantonly invoke your non existent privilege.

UST alumnus to Koko: 'You are an enemy of the state'
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We are sickened by your waving of your institution's false sense of power, and we are dismayed that you think that it is a birth right or the advantage that goes with the office.

Mr Pimentel, the senate is but the upper chamber of a bicameral legislature. The "upper" is merely the designation and is the differentiation from the lower chamber, or the House of Representatives.

But nowhere does it say that you are so above the people. In fact, all of you in government are supposed to be public "servants."

And your temerity to describe your office as sacred and august, so much so that law enforcement officers cannot make an arrest, is disgustingly the height of impunity!

Your disabused notion of your standing in the hierarchy of society is what makes this country terribly sick. Your contrived images of "honorable" and "distinguished" have long been diminished by the shameful and most often, criminal acts and machinations of your cohorts.

Ever since your institution was revived 30 years ago, we can proverbially count with our fingers its significant contribution to nation building. In fact, if we look at how messed up our country is right now, how damaged, how fractured, how inequitable and how unfair the common citizen has been governed, the Senate has a large imprint on this wreck.

Last night Mr Pimentel, you and the LP senators have foisted upon the Filipino the egregious and abominable act of disrespect and disregard for the rule of law. You have shown us how drunk you all are with power and how you constantly abuse this power for your own interests.

You continue to misread and you continue to underestimate our esteem. You still carry that warlord and elitist mentality, and believe that we are so dumb and so subservient to your mighty standing.

No Mr Pimentel. The times have changed, and we will no longer tolerate your abuse and misuse of your office.

Respect and courtesy will no longer be an automatic benefit alongside your title as Senator.

No sir, you senators cannot demand respect and courtesy, most especially when you are perpetrators of crime and corruption. When one of you refuses to be beholden to due process and try to evade arrest when criminally charged before the court of law, that senator becomes a fugitive.

And when you misuse your "hallowed" chamber to harbor this fugitive, you yourselves become criminals as well. The least of your crime is obstruction of justice.

And as with any criminal act, and under the law, you are considered as an adversary of the People of the Philippines.

Enough is enough.



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UST alumnus to Koko: 'You are an enemy of the state' UST alumnus to Koko: 'You are an enemy of the state' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 24 February Rating: 5

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