In February 10, the Tribune reported that Vice President Leni Reboredo declared the comeback of the yellow-clad Liberal Party by aligning with its former allies.

The critics of the LP were quick to react on Robredo’s pronouncement including University of Santos Tomas alumnus Mark Lopez who posted a sarcastic commentary towards on his Facebook page.

UST Alum throws sarcastic comments to LP: 'The church will rule once again'
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Lopez stated that when the LP comes back to power, “Ineptitude, inefficiency, corruption, apathy, and coward leadership will once again be the norm if indeed they rise and reclaim power.”

In a way, the statement was criticizing the administration of former president Noynoy Aquino who ran under the LP in 2010. The father of the former president was the who founded the Lp in the late 1980s.

“We will go back again to rampant drug abuse and trade, terrorism and extortion, tanim bala, overshooting MRT carriages, stinky airport toilets, rotten or spoiled relief goods, OFW maltreatment and diaspora, soldiers and special forces sent to deaths, and good luck to us when a mega calamity hits our shores,” Lopez predicted.

Lopez also prophesized that should the LP rise back to power, the Philippines will return to being “American lapdogs” while China will become “more agressive and hostile.”

He also quipped at the Catholic church which, as Lopez puts, causes the “dumbing down” of the Filipino people.

“And the fantastic bonus? It's gonna people like Leni, Mar, Korina, Frank, Kiko, Leila, Risa, Bam, Edcel and Sonny Trililing who will lord over government and lead us. Whatta crew!,” Lopez exclaimed.

The rumored comeback of the Liberal Party is going to allegedly start on February 25 during the 31st anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution which ousted the dictatorship of then President Ferdinand Marcos.

Source: Mark Lopez

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UST Alum throws sarcastic comments to LP: 'The church will rule once again' UST Alum throws sarcastic comments to LP: 'The church will rule once again' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 13 February Rating: 5

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