In yet another flak for mainstream media, lifestyle and travel writer Christine Cunanan slammed CNN Philippines and writer Buena Bernal for their “biased” reportage on the EDSA Revolution rally that happened on Saturday, February 25.

Travel writer slams CNN writer: ‘Did you even go to journ school?'
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On a Facebook post she entitled “The Unforgivable Bias of Mainstream Media,” Cunanan criticizes Bernal for failing to include “what happened on the other side” since her article only covered the anti-Duterte movements at the EDSA Shrine.

She wrote, “The pro-Duterte rally at Luneta was a huge outpouring of people from all walks of life -- and not one peep about this on CNN news site.”

On the 31st anniversary of the EDSA revolution, Duterte allies and critics staged their own protests at the Luneta Park and at the EDSA Shrine respectively.

Cunanan went to accuse CNN Philippines of “twisting facts conveniently and creating your own vision of reality” which caused the public to believe that all rallies in Manila on February 25 were against President Rodrigo Duterte.

“You completely ignored the massive outpouring of support for our President all over the country and among the Filipino communities around the world,” Cunanan stated.

The rallies also extended to foreign contries like Singapore and Japan where Filipinos held pro-Duterte rallies to show the “huge support” that Duterte still gathers for his anti-Drugs campaign.

Cunanan also quipped at “yellows” who “turned a color and a street into what is practically a religious cult.”

Source: Christine Cunanan

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Travel publisher slams CNN writer: ‘Did you even go to journ school?' Travel publisher slams CNN writer: ‘Did you even go to journ school?' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 27 February Rating: 5

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