In a new scathing post against social news network Rappler, Thinking Pinoy (TP) now speculates that the news agency violated the 1987 constitution in order to stay afloat and avoid bankruptcy.

Thinking Pinoy: ‘Rappler bended constitution to avoid bankruptcy
Photo by Thinking Pinoy
The lengthy post detailed how Rappler did not declare its nature of business as “publishing of newspapers, journals and periodicals” but rather as “property investment and development” despite acting as mass media.

Thinking Pinoy pointed out that it is for this reason that Rappler was able to receive investments from foreign parties given that the Constitution prohibits any foreign investors to own shares in mass media.

The 1987 Constitution stipulates that all mass media outlets in the country must be owned fully by Filipinos in order to not be influenced by outside motives.

In 2015 Rappler reported that it received investments from foreign parties namely North Base Media and Omidyar Network. The latter, in fact, can be traced to known “country destabilizer” George Soros.

The post also questioned how Rappler was able to function for five years since its founding when the company has lost millions every year. Rappler’s parent company, Rappler Holdings Corps, reportedly earned over P13000 only in 2015.

TP stated, “Rappler, in its five years of operation, was never profitable.”

The blog also quipped at Rappler founder Maria Ressa, saying that she asks investors, “Open-minded ka ba?”

The post ended asking the readers whose interests does Rappler really serve?  

Source: Thinking Pinoy

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