by Jovybev Aquino

Without mentioning being a drug lord protector, although obvious, but still needs to be proven, let's look at the other wonderful things Delima has done which have been accepted as FACT.

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1. Amazingly enough, it was only the known drug lords at Bibibid who had the preferential treatment during her time. Concerts were allowed, jacuzzis, air-conditioned offices, and rooms and all sorts of luxuries, but ONLY for the drug lords. Take note, only Drug Lords got preferential treatment. FACT

2. She admitted to having sexual relations with married men, who happened to be her hired help and bodyguards. FACT

3. She vehemently stood her ground saying the immunity of Pnoy as president was absolute, but she goes and files a case against Duterte. FACT

4. She filed a case against GMA with the RTC and not the ombudsman but now states that only the ombudsman can handle her case. FACT

5. She cries for rule of law but presents Matobato without any affidavit. FACT

There's a lot more, but let me stop there.

So, even if all these wonderful things have been proven as FACT, the Catholic Curch and the yellows still want to defend her and lock arms with her. I think bumaliktad na talaga ang mundo nila. They are defending the devil, they have locked arms with the devil and they don't mind! Maybe because they are also DEVILS!!!!

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'They are defending the devil because they are also DEVILS' 'They are defending the devil because they are also DEVILS' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 19 February Rating: 5

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