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An open letter to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has been making rounds in social media. The said letter, allegedly from the “people of the Republic of the Philippines,” demanded the “immediate resignation” of the senator who has been in the middle of several political controversies lately.

Trillanes, who has been one of the staunchest critics of President Rodrigo Duterte, was said to have interfered in the “meaningful intentions” of Duterte and his government. These intentions, as the letter puts it, are geared towards pursuing “positive change and progress” for the Filipino people.

It can be remembered that Trillanes declared his opposition in the appointment of justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre. He also has been questioning the wealth of Duterte and his family, citing assets that were not declared in the President’s statement of assets and liabilities (SALN).

The letter furthered that since the start of Duterte’s government in June 2016, Trillanes has caused “discord, divisions in the Senate, in our country” instead of positively contributing.

It then added that Trillanes has stained the image of the Philippine in the eyes of the international community with his “propaganda, hearsays and innuendos.”

Those who signed the letter agree that Trillanes cannot be allowed to push through with his “[vitriol] against government leaders” that have been duly elected.

“We understand the process of impeachment, but we resort to course our demand directly to you, peacefully and diplomatically,” the letter stated.

One of those who signed what seemed to be a petition is Facebook user Lito Ramanandi who called the former military man “not needed and useless as senator of the Republic of the Philippines.”

“Karma is coming now,” warned Ramanandi in his post.

Read full open letter below:

'The Filipino people want Trillanes to resign'

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