Adding more to the "normal Filipino" image of the President Rodrigo Duterte, lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles proclaimed that she "will not let you [Duterte] be forgotten."

Prominent lawyer to Duterte: 'You will not be forgotten'
Photo by Atty. Trixe Cruz-Angeles
This comes after Duterte himself shared to several bloggers what his last will and testament contains. Cruz-Angeles revealed that they were invited to the Malacanang Palace and were in fact received by the President himself.

During their conversation, the lawyer-activist said that included in the last will and testament of Duterte is being cremated within 24 hours after his death. The President also specified that his ashes be scattered "wherever."

The President then proceeded to saying, "You can forget about me" recalled Cruz-Angeles to which most of the party disagreed.

In a Facebook post on her public page called "Luciferous," Cruz-Angeles pondered on the length of impact that his supporters write about Duterte. She stated, "Most of what we write will disappear into inaccessible archives after five or ten years."

Cruz-Angeles also quipped at mainstream media organizations who "cannot articulate" the reason why the President resonates with his people. 

"Yet this would leave out the voices of those who get it. The majority who cheer this president, who see the perspective in which he works. These voices could be lost. And the nearly singular perspective by which we had viewed Philippine contemporary history can be reinstated," she added.

What was supposed to be a courtesy call extended to a late-night conversation that lasted until one o'clock in the morning. The Cruz-Angeles shared, "Not only were we served dinner, he invited us to the official residence for more talk."

In a separate post, Cruz-Angeles shared that Duterte "sleeps with a mosquito net" even in the Official Residence. She ended sharing how she gets a "kick" knowing that it was Duterte himself who toured them around Malacanang Palace.

Source: Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles

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