Following the attacks on account handled by supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte, one of his staunch supporters has something to say to the dissenters: “Manigas ka’yo.”

LGBT activist and lawyer Bruce Rivera took to Facebook on February 7 to express his “musings” to all personas criticizing his port supporting the tough talking president from Davao.

Prominent lawyer to anti-Duterte: “Manigas kayo”

Collectively, Vera defended his fellow pro-Duterte claiming that their support for Duterte is fueled by their “passion” and they would not stop if the number of their Facebook followers decline.

He also rooted the reason for their unification to the online attacks that pro-Duterte accounts have been receiving for the past few months. Pages such as Mr. Riyoh and Senyora have been at the receiving end of account reports. Senyora’s account has been taken down as of writing while Vera revealed that the family of Mr. Riyoh have receive threaths.

Speaking in behalf of his fellow pro-Duterte. Vera said, “You can demean us, call us trolls, sluts, whores, faggots, stupid, minions, blind, cultic, cheap, ugly, low class, for pay, for is okey. The important thing is, you called. And because there is a God, many followed us. CBCP, there is a God. Maniwala kayo.”

His post elaborated, “We do this because we can, Orocan!! And we have secure egos not to be harpooned by your red-herring.”

Vera also thanked their “The Defenders,” a pet name he gave his supporters, for going out of their way to express their support to Duterte. He said, “From going to campaign sorties, to actual research and ninja moves in order really inform the people.”

To end his piece Vera disclosed that the main reason he rallies in social media is to change the “perception o Filipinos towards the LGBT [community].” Vera said he wanted to change how Filipinos look at LGBT people and not just stereotype them as “spectacles”

“And most importantly, we have substance like any industrious Filipino who studied hard and lived life harder. I let my followers and haters peek into my life because I want them to see that you can live a life and be gay. And the LGBT was well-respresented last night,” Vera ended.

Source: Atty. Bruce Rivera

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