Pres Duterte tags ‘Drilon’s cousin’ as narco politician
Photo by Iloilo Queen City
“Naay mayor ug mga siyudad. Ang usa diha ig-agaw pa ni Drilon. Si Mayor Mabilog sa Iloilo City, ug daghan pa (There are city mayors. One of them is a cousin of Drilon. He is Mayor Mabilog of Iloilo City. and more)."

This was the statement of President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday mentioning Iloilo City Mayor Jed Mabilog as included in his narco list, this time identifying him as a cousin of Liberal Party leader Senator Franklin Drilon.

Hundreds of officials from all branches of government who are somehow involved in the illegal drug trade in the country are included in 
Duterte's narco list.

As we all know, Drilon is a colleague of Senator Leila De Lima, a staunch critic of Duterte who was arrested on Friday on drug charges.

The revelation of Duterte was made during the turnover rites of a drug rehabilitation facility in Davao del Norte when he made the remarks.

It can be remembered that Mabilog’s name was included in Duterte’s initial list of drug personalities. However, t
he Iloilo mayor has denied Duterte’s allegations.

Duterte also mentioned an elected official of Cebu as part of the drug list anew.

“I've named him before, and I'll name him again. Si Rama. Governor sa Cebu. Protektor eh," he said.

The president was referring to former Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama who already denied that he was a coddler of drug dealers.

Source: GMA News

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