Michael Acebedo Lopez, Political Communication Professional and Talk Show Host for MYtv’s “Open MIKE” lambasted Senator Bam Aquino in his Facebook account for defending his ally Leila de Lima.

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Aquino on Feb. 17, 2017 gave his stance on De Lima's arrest which he said "Without a paper or money trail and with only contradicting testimonies from some of the worst criminals in our country, the administration files charges and seeks to arrest its staunchest critic." 

"Clearly, there is something wrong with this picture. But it is our new reality. The act of brazen harassment and perversion of our justice system should not be tolerated. We condemn the use of our justice system to silence and condemn political rivals and critics," Bam Aquino added.

Lopez, the former Commissioner of National Youth Commission and was considered as the youngest appointee of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in 2008 reacted to Bam's statement saying that the latter turned a blind eye when his cousin Noynoy persecuted his political enemies like GMA and CJ Corona.

Read full statement of Michael Acebedo Lopez below:

Bam Aquino, asan ka nung masahol pa ang ginawa ng pinsan mong si Noynoy kay Gloria at Corona, sa mga local government officials na 'di niya ka alyado? Wala kang sinabi, wala kaming narinig sa iyo nun, tapos ngayon nag-iingay ka?

You sat idly by when your vindictive cousin persecuted his political enemies, when his government fabricated evidence and mobilized the entire bureaucracy to make sure they suffered. GMA languished in detention for nearly 5 years and Corona is dead, this and more as you kept quiet and showed your unequivocal support for your cousin's self-righteous regime, all because, why, you wanted to be drafted in his senate slate? Now you're senator you suddenly decide it's morally right to defend those who are persecuted?

T*ngina ka, manahimik ka epokrito.

Source: Michael Acebedo Lopez

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Political Comms expert to Bam defending Leila: 'T*ng-ina ka, manahimik ka epokrito' Political Comms expert to Bam defending Leila: 'T*ng-ina ka, manahimik ka epokrito' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 24 February Rating: 5

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