On Wednesday, February 22, environment secretary Gina Lopez posted a video where she addressed her detractors. The emotional and teary-eyed Lopez also quipped at several media outlets that, according to her, publish headlines that are “not true.”

Open letter to Sec. Gina: ‘Never be discouraged’
Screengrab from Lopez' video
Support poured out for Lopez who also thanked those who believed in her. One of those believer is Facebook user Tim Salegumba who commented on Lopez’ video with a letter.

“Never be discouraged,” said Salegumba explaining that there are a lot of people backing Lopez up in the battle against illegal mining in the country.

Lopez was under fire lately after her department made a decision of closing down at least 23 mining companies and corporations all throughout the country.

“Many, if not all, of our indigenous people and the country loving ones in these sites are very thankful of what you're doing,” Salegumba encouraged.

The self-confessed “lover of the environment” has been fighting mining since before she took over the environment department as she led the rehabilitation of the La Mesa Dam, the main water supply source in Metro Manila.

Salegumba ended, “I pray that God will give you wisdom as you dispense of your mandate. I pray that you will be surrounded by good people who fully support you in this responsibility.”

Read full open letter below:

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Open letter to Sec. Gina: ‘Never be discouraged, many are on your side’ Open letter to Sec. Gina: ‘Never be discouraged, many are on your side’ Reviewed by Kristian S. on 23 February Rating: 5

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