by Pedro Kiamko

One of the Emeritus Archbishop said: “Huwag ninyong kalabanin an simbahan. Ililibing kayo nyan.”… Many have tried it before but failed. The church is still standing after 2,000 years.

We look at the internet and research on your history the last 2,000 years. We discovered that the Roman Catholic Church is anything but spiritual. Your church is an IMPERIALISTIC EARTHLY KINGDOM that kept peoples and nations in bondage by the use of ignorance, fear, the sword and fire. Right after your padrino, Emperor Constantine, gave you the go signal, you expedited conversion by killing those who resisted and persecuting the non-conformists. Your REIGN OF TERROR since the Dark Ages (476 C.E. onwards) brings chills up the spine of those who now care to find out what happened.

Open letter to Emeritus Archbishop Cruz: 'Halatang makaYELLOW ka, pati si Cory gagawin niyong Saint?'
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After your Crusade where you killed hundreds of thousands of Moslems in Jerusalem and massacred Greek Christians gathered in their Sta. Sofia Cathedral you formed the dreaded Roman Inquisition in 1233. In 1243 you massacred and wiped out the Cathars in Southern France which in today’s language is called “genocide”. In 1572 you massacred in one day 100,000 Protestants in Paris – remembered by the French as a day of “shame and infamy” of the Roman Church. The French calls it the “St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre”. These are just the highlights of the cruelty of your imperialistic church. Altogether, you have TORTURED, KILLED AND BURNED 100 million people during your reign of terror of the Roman Inquisition lasting 600 years.

A form of torture for women that could only have been invented by a sadistic, diabolical and sick mind was to strip the woman naked, tie her hands, make her sit astride (like riding on a horse) on a block of wood shaped like a TRIANGLE and then weights tied from each foot. OMG!!! Didn’t those monsters of your church have mothers and sisters? You burnt St. Joan of Arc, and then later discovered, “Ooops, sorry we made a mistake. So let us just make her a saint.”

Now you preach strongly against EJK. You definitely lack the MORAL ASCENDANCY to preach regarding such matters. Everybody now knows YOU HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS. In the words of Dr. Jose Rizal describing the FRAILOCRACIA – the government rule by the friars – you are the “verdugos y oppressores”. You taught that these condemned criminals of your church were going to hell. So you gave them a foretaste of hell by inventing the cruelest forms of tortures before they were allowed to die.

YOUR priest, Fr. Mercado, exhorted OUR President not to BULLY your church. Hey, didn’t you draw FIRST BLOOD? Without mentioning PRRD by name, you preached in your churches not to vote for him. So he said: “Go ahead. Those who want to go to heaven, do what your priests tell you to do.” PRRD called the presidential election a PLEBISCITE between him and the Roman Catholic Church – a contest between a David and a Goliath. Then Filipinos gave you the dirty finger and voted for PRRD – serves you right because you were interfering in POLITICS. The people made a strong statement and vomited your Yellow Family out of their mouths.

Because PRRD is not the choice of your Frailocracia you attack him in whatever issues you can use against him. You say that he curses, he is a womanizer, he is a killer and consented to the burial of the “corrupt” Marcos. You were using even grade school children to rally and shout slogans against President Marcos whom YOUR Cardinal Sin and YOUR “gun-for-hire”, the CIA, toppled.

It is obvious that your political choice is the Yellow Family – not PRRD. Now you want to remove him. To what end? Bring back lawlessness, corruption and shabu that were INSTITUTIONALIZED by your CHOSEN Yellow Family. That will guarantee once more your absolute control over this nation. You did that when you presented Corazon Aquino at the Club Pilipino and assigned two Jesuit priests – close guarding talaga – to be her “advisers”. To reward her for being your very obedient and subserving “TUTA”, Fr. Catalino Arevalo, S.J., one of Cory’s advisers, made the motion to declare her a SAINT of your church. What deeds will you not do to guarantee the absolute control you want to wield on us, Filipinos …even the most ridiculous! What??? Cory a SAINT??????

Your veiled threat (“Ililibing kayo nyan”) will NOT SILENCE President Duterte and the 90% Filipinos who approve of the way he is solving the enormous problems of lawlessness, corruption and shabu that your protégé, Cory Aquino, and the presidents you seated in Malacanang have brought upon this nation this last 30 years. You will now see a massive exodus of people from your imperialistic and morally corrupt church. THIS IS OUR COUNTER THREAT TO YOU!!!

Whereas, PRRD had declared war on drugs and corruption, YOU had declared an ON-GOING WAR against him since the “plebiscite” using your pulpit, your priests, nuns and now even children. THIS NATION IS NOW AT WAR. We, the 90% Filipinos, will fight these two wars alongside OUR embattled President because we want a better future for our children and this nation. If this will result in an open violent civil war, so be it. BUT REMEMBER – YOU STARTED IT ALL. YOU DREW FIRST BLOOD – CONSISTENT WITH YOUR 2,000-YEAR HISTORY RULING WITH YOUR HANDS SOAKED IN HUMAN BLOOD.

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Open letter to Emeritus Archbishop Cruz: 'Halatang makaYELLOW ka, pati si Cory gagawin niyong Saint?' Open letter to Emeritus Archbishop Cruz: 'Halatang makaYELLOW ka, pati si Cory gagawin niyong Saint?' Reviewed by Kristian S. on 12 February Rating: 5

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