Addressing opposition claims that say President Rodrigo Duterte won the presidency because of his promise to eliminate drugs and criminality, netizen John Becaro defended the tough-talking president saying it is his sincerity that made him win.

Netizen defends Duterte: ‘Duterte won because of his sincerity’
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Becaro took to Facebook to air his sentiments admiring the president. He said, “He won the Presidency fair and square because of his credibility, track record and the possibility of preventing illegal drugs, combat crime and fight corruption.”

The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that Duterte won the presidential seat with a landslide with victory earning 16,601,997 votes in May 2016.

Becaro’s post continued that Duterte has the qualities of true leader--compassion and skill. “Nanalo si Duterte dahil sa kanyang sinseridad, malasakit, at pag-asa na dulot ng pagbabago,” he posted.

He then went on to defend Duterte’s swearing in public which has caused him flak from both national and international bodies. “Nataon lang na kung gaano ka hyper siya sa trabaho, ganun din sa bunganga,” defended Becaro.

Ending his post, Becaro aired his message to the detractors of the president saying, “Galingan niyo naman po maging oposisyon; tapatan niyo sa gawa, hindi sa ngawa.”

Source: John Becaro

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Patriotic netizen defends Duterte: ‘Duterte won because of his sincerity’ Patriotic netizen defends Duterte: ‘Duterte won because of his sincerity’ Reviewed by Kristian S. on 13 February Rating: 5

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