In a tell-all statement he released through broadcast journalist Dan Verzola, Manuel Morato finally speaks out about the plunder case filed against former president Gloria Arroyo on her misuse of funds for the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

Morato claims that he was “falsely accused” and said that the incident was “traumatic” from which he still suffers until this day. He claimed that he and PGMA were simply “thrown to the dogs.”

Manoling Morato exposes Noynoy
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According to the former PCSO Chief, the PCSO Intelligence Funds were approved by Arroyo and was checked by the Commission on Audit (CoA). He then shared that even Intelligence Funs officials were strict when it comes to the release and use of such funds.

He penned, “I remember the head of the Intelligence Fund then, Ms. Plaras, who was also charged but whom i had respect for being strict. She would not approve any withdrawal for the approved 150M without liquidating the previous withdrawal. It was done on piece meal basis. Not only that, the officials incharge of the past PCSO board did not consume all of the 150M for 2010. It was made known to us that the remaining balance were used by our successors.”

Morato then questioned how the charges “bloated to 365M” which included funds from 2008 and 209 and were liquidated by CoA. As for 2010, only officials under Arroyo’s administration used half of the fund and the rest were for Aquino’s.

“According to COA's head of Intelligence Fund for all government departments and agencies, Mrs. Flerida Jimenez when put on the witness stand in 2013 for two hours, she categorically stated and told the Justices of the Sandiganbayan that all the Intelligence Fund of the Arroyo administration were all properly liquidated; that no money went to President Arroyo,” he disclosed.

According to Morato, Jimenez told the court, “We have no problem with the past PCSO administration. Our problem is with this present PCSO administration who have not liquidated nor submitted their financial statements for audit for the past three years.”

Shading Marge Juico of the CoA, Morato said Juicodid not liquidate he for CoA for three consecutive years from 2010 to 2013.

“But the present PCSO board that succeeded us in July of 2010 are untouchable like sacred cows, except now PCSO Chairman Ireneo "Ayong" Maliksi who replaced Margie Juico at midstream. He was not part of our suffering; and knowing him well, he would have not done that to us.”

Towards the end, Morato warned Maliksi and speculated that members of the boars are “ganging up on him” to throw dirt at Maliksi.

Source: Journalist Ed Dan Verzola

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